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World Water Day reminds us not to take clean water for granted

Earth’s oceans, lakes, rivers and streams are its circulatory system, providing life’s essentials for people, animals and ecosystems. Canada has one-fifth of the world’s freshwater, a quarter of its remaining wetlands and its longest coastline. With this abundance, it’s easy to take water for granted.

Action to Address Violence Against Indigenous Women And Girls

Inuit, Métis, and First Nations leaders, families of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls (MMIWG), Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, federal, provincial and territorial Ministers today committed to ongoing urgent and coordinated action to prevent and address violence against Indigenous women and girls, and to continue this work during the National Inquiry on MMIWG.


Universal Health Care is usually the largest funding item on Provinces spending budgets and year-end reporting. Yes, the Government and health Chief Executive Officers redistributes our tax dollars. Here lays a basic problem the giver, the Minister of Health has usually no knowledge of the historical culture of health institutions and relies on a swarm of bureaucrats that can’t think outside the box.

Seyoum Nigussie ~ VEIL OF IGNORANCE (Screenplay)

VEIL OF IGNORANCE is dramatic movie script suitable for television, and, alternatively for screen. Looking back at centuries long islamic fundamentalism that fosters the current international terrorism threatening the whole world, the population of the world would need to know much more about the origins of those problems. The story in ‘Veil of Ignorance’ provides bright lights on the hidden roots of islamic fundamentalism and mechanism of terrorism at the same time.

David Law ~ The Map of the World

My country Canada has, for some years now, enacted a feeble pantomime of resolve against the Islamist scourge. We have contributed to the fight, although far less than our resources would permit. The previous government was bellicose, but largely a toothless old hound: when not sniffing its own hindquarters, it was mainly content to bark and let the noise be a bubble of imaginary merit.

John Banovich ~ Wildlife Reel 2015

Wildlife Reel 2015 – John Banovich. My latest wildlife sample reel containing my best material from 2015 across Canada shoots completely shot in 4K with the Sony F55, Sony A7s & Odyssey 7Q+ as well as the Inspire 1 with X3 & X5 cameras.

Pastor Hyeon Soo Lim in North Korean prison for humanitarian work

Pastor Hyeon Soo Lim has dedicated his life to serving others. In the past twenty years he has made more than 100 humanitarian trips to North Korea, bringing much-needed supplies to orphanages, public schools, and nursing homes. Pastor Lim, a Korean-Canadian, made these trips despite the danger because he wanted to help those who need it the most. But now, Pastor Lim needs our help.

UN climate talks offer hope for humanity

With world leaders now meeting in Paris for the UN Climate Change Conference, we’re seeing signs of hope for an agreement to limit the escalating effects of global warming. Canadians, especially, have reason to be optimistic about our country’s role.

The Goal ~ A Canadian Love Story About Our National Passion

Each winter in Canada, there is a primitive ritual that shapes many young people for the rest of their lives. Not unlike the process that takes place when wolves, hunting in the dead of night, select the weakest from among a herd of deer. It is swift and without warning. It is the dreaded goalie cull.

Michael Adzema ~ “Starve the beast”: Thinly disguised racism and classism?

During the presidential election of 1980, Reagan asked if we were “better off than four years ago” in his campaign against Carter. In this series of articles, I address the question of whether Americans are “better off than fifty years ago.” Let’s explore some changes in America, since the Fifties and Sixties, many of which resulted from Reagan’s presidency and all of which resulted from Republican policies put into effect since those earlier days.

Kent Hehr ~ Today WE Remember

This Remembrance Day, I find myself reflecting on the extraordinary sacrifices of our Armed Forces. Their courage. Their commitment to keeping us safe. But also the hardships they face both while in uniform and after they come home.

Sustainable development goals offer a path to prosperity

Sustainable development means different things to different people. The concept was popularized in 1987 by the groundbreaking Brundtland Commission report to the United Nations, “Our Common Future”. Over the past three decades it has entered conversations around global poverty, health, environmental quality and social justice.

Democracy isn’t just about politics; it’s about all of us

Thank the people from all parties who have devoted so much time, energy and money to serve the country, from the candidates, successful and not, to the volunteers, who believe enough in this country and its democratic traditions to give their all. Their families also deserve a lot of credit. Whether or not we agree with a candidate, leader or party and their policies, we can be grateful that they dedicate themselves to keeping our country strong and free.

Stephen Harper Hoisted on his Own Niqab?

It looks like the Liberals will win the most seats in next week’s General Election. Their strategists have run a note-perfect campaign. But it would be unfair not to give credit where credit is due, to the man who did the most to put the Liberals on top: Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

John Glenn ~ NDP in Free Fall Across the Nation

If it’s your friends goals to remove Harper and they’ve been preaching the ‘strategic voting’ thus far, I would say that the Orange Crash has hit and there is really only one option to avoid another four years of Harper’s shadow politics.

There is really only one way to remove the fear based politics of derision and toxicity of the Harper regime.


If this brings back bad memories of the robocall scandal, you’re not alone. The shameful scheme to trick voters across Canada to go to the wrong polling station (which the federal court later ruled pointed to the Conservative Party of Canada), remains the single worst attack on Canada’s democracy. Public trust in our elections is still recovering.

Gunther Grosskamper ~ Stand up and Vote For Change

I can’t stress strongly enough how important it is for Canada’s Aboriginal peoples to vote and thereby stand up for all their people who have been wronged in the past but can now have a bright and fruitful future going forward by VOTING thoughtfully and being fully informed about where the people they can vote for stand.

Be an election Jedi

When the Conservatives brought in “Dark Lord” Lynton Crosby to save their flailing campaign, my first thought was: it’s a trap! And as expected, the election has turned ugly in Harper’s desperate attempt to cling to power by demonizing refugees and stoking anti-Muslim sentiments.

Anti-Harper vote settling on Justin Trudeau? Polls show seismic shift -The Common Sense Canadian

Trudeau adopted a tougher posture in later debates, in response to critics’ concerns that he was too soft in the first one. Meanwhile, the Niqab controversy – the wildcard of the campaign – appears to have hurt Mulcair worse than Trudeau, despite the fact that they’ve essentially taken the same position. This is because the issue has tracked more with Quebec voters, whom Mulcair was relying on more heavily than Trudeau.This time around, Strategic Voting may be real Lastly, it’s possible that in this anomaly of federal elections, the notion of strategic voting – which typically fares better on paper than in practice – could finally be manifesting itself.

Wendy Eustace ~ Learning, Change and Uncertainty

If recent news headlines have you wishing for a safe haven, please read this!! Many of the “safe” jobs, relationships and habits that we have are exactly the situations that we need to change. Complacency is a tempting habit and change is scary for most adults. As Robin Sharma says, “the riskiest place you can be is trying to do the same things in the same way as you’ve always done them.

Monica Chapman Live at the JAZZ BISTRO, Toronto

Monika Chapman received the ultimate reward by being booked at the famous JAZZ BISTRO in Toronto where she will be making her singing debut at this beautiful venue with a 7 piece band of all stars, on the night of Sunday, October 18th, 2015 at 7p.m., most of whom recorded with her on her new album “P.S. I Love You!”.


As an editorial voice, the public should be informed of this regressive plan where a hospital will rent or farm you out to the private sector. Where is the NDP health critic? What is so sad management represented that the same level of care which is gross misrepresentations (A lie).

Your future health care should concern you as you may be rented out to substandard care and with less dignity.

Tim Knight on President Jacob Zuma 2

It’s been two-and-a-half years since Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela died. And every month that goes by moves South Africa further away from the democratic dream for which he lived. The dream isn’t quite over yet. But you can sense, feel, smell, ominous signals that Madiba’s beloved country is turning into yet another African plutocratic kleptocracy, ruled by yet another noxious Big Man. President Jacob Zuma, the wily, half-educated Struggle veteran, seems to believe South Africa is his personal fiefdom — its rapidly dwindling wealth at his personal disposal, to spend as he wishes.


Well it’s not even Labour Day, and if you thought you’d have a nice, quiet summer away from politics, think again! With the early election call, we’re already up and running in Canada’s longest election campaign in modern history.

Mike Rilstone ~ Home Solar Panels Fiasco

Home Solar Panels Fiasco or How can Canada go Green when the Green Energy Companies Treat Customers so Poorly?

Can the Canadian Government better make sure Canadians trying to promote green energy are better protected from fly-by-night solar panel companies!

Climate Change Burnout

Twenty years ago, I read The Road Less Travelled by Scott Peck. With his first sentence, “Life is difficult,” Peck (psychologist and bestselling author) captured my interest. “Once we truly understand and accept it, then life is no longer difficult. Because once it is accepted, the fact that life is difficult no longer matters,” wrote Peck. I would refer to this book over and over in the next decades of living on and off with depression.

Sharon Thomas ~ WATCHDOGZ is a Sign of the Times

Rarely does the world get a glimpse of the process by which an asylum seeker can traverse international borders to wreck havoc on the lives of others. Sharon Thomas’ debut novel is a fictional account of some of the immigration issues faced by countries trying to protect their borders. Thomas’ literary depictions take the reader behind the scenes to examine the mindset of a terrorist, individuals who must face making choices that may carry grave consequences, and the lives that they affect.

David Suzuki ~ The values of hope and happiness

Reading the news, it’s hard not to feel a growing sense of unease. The threat of terrorism, growing instability and conflict overseas, a shooting on Parliament Hill last October and uncertainty about the economy diminish our collective feelings of safety and security. To this we add the looming environmental threats of climate change, pollution, declining ocean health, oil spills and extreme weather.

Ratatouille: Motivational Wisdom from a Chef Rat?

Sometimes we just settle for far less than the best we deserve in order to ‘make a living’ or meet other people’s expectations of us. Pretty soon we fall into a rut – a routine – and get cozy. Welcome to the Rat Race! The never-ending treadmill of constant busyness. A dream stealer disguised as a golden ladder to nowhere.

Sharif Khan ~ Avoid this #1 business-destroying mistake

I was at an internet marketing seminar where internet marketing Guru, Derek Gehl, related a story about an internet marketer who was making over $100,000 a month by sending one of his product promotions every month through his email subscriber base of 2 million people.

Rolly Montpellier ~ Dragons of Inaction

There are a number of psychological barriers preventing people from acting to prevent climate change. Robert Gifford at the University of Victoria calls these “dragons of inaction”. This article consists of edited excerpts from the Denial101x course I’m following – Making Sense of Climate Science Denial.

Mike Rilstone ~ The Downward Trickle of Damage

Recently, I saw someone call the long term cycle of depression caused by Canada’s horrific Residential Schools as “the downward trickle of damage”. I was writing this essay and told her I was stealing her words, because I think it is the perfect title.

Once finished, I’m sure most of you will completely agree, as it is the central theme built on the legacy of the sad faces seen in this essay’s photo and the resultant pandemic of depression it has wrought on Canada’s First Nations.

Before voting on October 19th, 2015, pause to ask yourself if Harper is worthy of another term as Prime Minister based on his racism?

Think Harper’s Conservatives are Cruel to Vets? Try Being Handicapped Under Wynne’s Liberals!

It has taken almost six years to write this letter to the Premier of Ontario after being destroyed by Ontario’s Ministry of Community and Social Services. Lost and helpless at what to do for six years, last week an employee of that Ministry was helpful, finally telling me that if I need help, I have to “make more noise.”

“Postmen” to become Canada’s Next Top Team!

Our project is pretty unique, it combines familiar action-comedy elements and places them in a new setting. A year after a roadside bomb takes his leg; Luke Walker is ready to join the world of working stiffs in his tiny hometown. Assuming the role of a junior postal worker, Luke is thrust into a world of danger and discovers that the American Postal Carriers are in fact an ultra-secret branch of civil service that truly quiet anything that goes bump in the night.

Tim Knight ~ The Statue and the Shit

For 103 years the statue of Cecil John Rhodes crouches there on the University of Cape Town (UCT) campus, brooding out over the rugby fields all the way to the Cape Flats.

The statue celebrates his dream of a white man’s Africa — stretching British imperial power 7,235 kilometres from Cape to Cairo.

Harper: Governing with Propaganda

Ever since he came to power Stephen Harper has been trying to brainwash Canadians with the greatest barrage of propaganda this country has ever seen. A barrage of lies and half truths worthy of Big Brother, and almost impossible to avoid. They’re on TV, and on the radio, they jump out at you in newspapers and magazines. And now you can’t even get away from them when you check out the weather.

VIDEO ~ Angelina Jolie slams UN security council for paralysis over Syria | The Guardian

Actor Angelina Jolie pleaded with world powers Friday to help the millions of Syrian refugees, sharply criticizing the UN security council for being paralyzed by its division over Syria’s four-year conflict.

Jolie briefed the council as special envoy for the UN on refugee issues. Syria’s ambassador said simply of her presence: “She’s beautiful.”

Melissa Bessey ~ Drawn In The Flesh: Chronic Ink And The Future Of Tattoo Culture

Known as the act of marking the skin with indelible ink, tattooing has become an intrinsic part of pop culture today, especially in North America where millennials consider getting tattooed the same way they do hair dye and clothing choices. But with all the progress of youth there is still a lingering stigma that tattoos belong on sailors and criminals. So how to we bridge the gap between acceptance from our younger generations and mass misconception about tattoos among those over 25?

Desmond Cole ~The Skin I’m In: I’ve been interrogated by police more than 50 times—all because I’m black

One day, we took Sana and his parents on a road trip to Niagara Falls. Just past St. Catharines, Sana tossed a dirty tissue out the window. Within seconds, we heard a siren: a cop had been driving behind us, and he immediately pulled us onto the shoulder. A hush came over the car as the stocky officer strode up to the window and asked my dad if he knew why we’d been stopped. “Yes,” my father answered, his voice shaky, like a child in the principal’s office.

Mike Nickerson ~ Life, Money and Illusion

“Life” refers to the biological processes by which living things maintain themselves over time, “Money”to the present economic ideology that says that as long as the volume of money changing hands increases, all will be well. “Illusion” refers to the fact that these two perspectives are directly opposed in terms of how they would solve current problems. One of them must be mistaken.

Les Horwill ~ Unite the Canadian left? Please do.

A quarter of a billion potential voters in the world’s only democratic superpower will likely give a majority mandate to the next president of the United States. The 18 months of Democrat and Republican campaigning will entertain, offend and alarm sensitive people everywhere. This year, nestled just north, a relatively agreeable electorate of some 24-million potential voters will merely handicap an insider’s power game among the leadership of, possibly, five registered parties.

Russ Letica ~ Day of Reflection

I often wonder what travels though the minds of others. What is important to them in their life. How change has only come to those who fought for it, against those we wanted to keep it from them. I once again recall what a Clans Mother of the Wolastoqey people recently told me. “It only takes a spark to ignite a fire” Let us all become Sparks.

Dan S. Barnabic ~ When To Buy a Condo

To understand how important it is to buy at the right time, just think of condominium units that, only a few years ago, sold at very high prices but lost their value — many of them as much as 50% or more — as a result of the real estate collapse of 2007.

STUDY ~ Wild Bee Decline A Sign of Europe’s ‘Ecological Disaster’

As environmentalists have long noted, bees and other pollinators are essential to the world’s food supply, farming system, and environment. However, both in Europe and the U.S., they have been threatened by industrial agriculture practices, insecticides, and climate change, which causes more heavy rainfalls, droughts, and heat waves that can harm bees and their access to food.

Make Every Vote Count 2015

The 2015 election is fast approaching and who we elect to fill those seats is critical. We need 170 YES votes (a majority) in the House of Commons to implement proportional representation in Canada. We’ve never been this close to achieving votes that count, and we need your help now.

Justin Beach ~ Science needs its own version of the Academy Awards

Science and technology plays an ever increasing roll in the daily lives of almost everyone and there is every indication that, for better or for worse, this is going to be more true than ever in the next few decades. I think presenting the top 5-10 things that people should be aware of, in an easily understood and carefully explain way, just once per year could help people understand and make important decisions about the present and the future.

New Leak Spurs Radiation Spike at Fukushima

A fresh leak of radioactive water was detected at the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant on Sunday, raising new concerns about ongoing efforts to clean up the site.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), which operates the Fukushima Daiichi plant, said sensors attached to a drainage channel that diverts rain and groundwater from the plant into the Pacific Ocean detected contamination levels up to 70 times greater than the already-high radiation levels previously documented at the facility.

To Save the Planet, Eat Less Meat, Report Urges

To prevent ruinous climate change and stave off an influx of preventable chronic diseases, Americans must reduce their meat intake and switch to a sustainable, plant-based diet, the top U.S. nutritional panel has announced for the first time.

Why Energy East is Detrimental to the Climate

If approved, the Energy East pipeline would stretch 4,600 kilometres from Alberta through Ontario to ports in Quebec and New Brunswick. Energy East would be the largest pipeline in North America. Its chief purpose would be to carry 1.1 million barrels daily (including tar sands oil) primarily for export to foreign markets.

Environmentalists, Not Climate Change, Seen as Real Threat

Canadian environmental organizations could pose a potential threat to national security and are attempting to make the fossil fuel industry look bad.

Such was the assessment of what the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) referred to as the “anti-petroleum movement” in a document dated Jan. 24, 2014, and titled Critical Infrastructure Intelligence Assessment.

Thousands more cracks found in Belgian nuclear reactors

“As we approach the fourth anniversary of the Fukushima-daiichi nuclear disaster, evidence has emerged that demands immediate action to prevent another catastrophe. Thousands of previously unknown cracks in critical components of two reactors point to a potentially endemic and significant safety problem for reactors globally. Continuing to operate any reactor with such cracking would be an absolutely unacceptable risk to public safety.

Kaspersky Lab: NSA-Linked Spyware Found in Hard Drives Worldwide

The New York Times reports that, in many cases, the powerful software is able to “grab the encryption keys off a machine, unnoticed, and unlock scrambled contents. Moreover, many of the tools are designed to run on computers that are disconnected from the Internet, which was the case in the computers controlling Iran’s nuclear enrichment plants.”

This is How the World Ends: Twelve Risks That Threaten Human Existence

“There are remedies, including technological and institutional, for all risks,” reads the report. “But they will require collaboration of a sort humanity has not achieved before, and the creation of systems which can deal with problems preemptively.”

To that end, Global Challenges identifies 10 strategies to “help mitigate immediate threats while also contributing to a future global governance system capable of addressing global risks with a potential infinite impact.”

David J. Climenhaga ~ Eve & Dimitri’s defection: Will it play in Pickering? You bet it will!

Trust me when I tell you that when Harper’s sinister spokesthingies attempt to adopt a reasonable tone to explain Adams was already being escorted off the premises by the bouncers, and for good reasons, the typical voter will conclude this is an entirely predictable smear, just the sort of lie unprincipled and cynical politicians would tell about a courageous young woman who had the fortitude to stand up to them.

Here again, the cynicism and distrust the Harper Conservatives have sown among electors as an effective voter-suppression technique has the potential to turn against them.

Global Divestment Day – Calls for ‘Clean Energy Future’

February 13 and 14 will mark a “turning point” for the movement to end funding for fossil fuels, according to organizers, as activists will target the industry’s key allies, including some of the largest banks in South Africa—drawing a connection between the climate movement and the take-down of Apartheid in the 1980s.

Elsewhere, students will take part in sit-ins and flash mobs, targeting institutions in the U.S., the U.K., Nepal, Japan, France, Ukraine, and the Philippines, according to the environmental organization

‘A Science Experiment Run Amok’ ~ Plan to Release GMO Mosquitoes

A biotechnology company’s plan to release millions of genetically engineered mosquitoes the Florida Keys to combat tropical diseases has been criticized as “a science experiment run amok” by a watchdog organization.

The plan, which local officials hope to get underway this spring, is meant to control the population of Aedes aegypti, which spreads dengue fever and chikungunya.

Harjit Sajjan and Andrew Leslie ~ If Anyone “Distrusts” The Military It’s Harper

We were disturbed and disappointed to read Stephen Harper’s recent comments erroneously claiming that Justin Trudeau has a “deep distrust” of the Canadian military. In my experience, actions speak louder than words, and while Mr. Harper has always been quick to stand with our soldiers for photo ops, he has failed to have their backs when it counts.

One Trillion Tears ~ Michael Rilstone’s Tribute to Canada’s Missing & Murdered Native Women

This is artist Michael Rilstone’s portrait of 15-year-old Tina Fontaine. He departed from his usual monochromatic style of black, white, and shades of grey to add a watery eye and two tear drops in blue.

It is called “One Trillion Tears” to represent the full struggle First Nations People have faced on Turtle Island, not only for the Missing & Murdered Aboriginal Women, of which Tina is one of the latest, but also for all of the colonial struggles so bravely faced by Aboriginal People since their lives were forever broken by White Man’s arrival in 1492.

The 500+ years have been a litany of slaughter and abuse.