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Immorality of Not Recognizing Earth as a Living Being

Folly of failing to recognize Earth as a living being entitled to protection by endowments of rights. A expression of collective dysrationalic cognitive dysfunction of human race has been failure to timely and effectively recognize Earth as a living being. This has been attempted to be remedied in a very incipient way by the recognition of what has been referred to as the Earth Charter is an international declaration of fundamental values and principles considered useful by its supporters for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global community in the 21st century.

Rosemary Fusca ~ Live Your Potential

Nelson Mandela summed up the reality behind many firsts when he said, “It always seems impossible until it is done.” And when that barrier is broken, we realize that there’s no limit to our potential.

Cynthia Reyes ~ Easter Lilies and Ringing Bells

Easter Sunday is the happiest day of the year, happier even than Christmas. It’s the day of the miracle of the resurrection. “Cynthia Reyes is the author of A Good Home. She has published non-fiction stories in Arabella Magazine, one of the fastest-growing magazines in the United States and Canada, as well as in the Globe and Mail and Toronto Life.


Duedexing – the real viable plan to save the ecosystems and the civilization

OIL-ing the devastation of ecosystems: It is said that a sizable fraction of population is complicit with the planet destroying forces through Offence-abetting, Inaction, Lethargy/latitude or apathy or in sum OIL-ing the devastation of ecosystems the OIL giants are engaged in. It is to be noted here that oil giants or Exxon is being used here in a representative capacity and represents the cluster or high denser sources of energy or fossil energy based power sources of which electricity is a sizable fraction.

SATYAGRAHA driven Anti-fossil Andolan (passive resistance movement)

PREPARE FOR PAIN: With respect to all of you right minded people, I have to submit that you are grossly misdirected. Harper is the drug (oilsand) dealer and also the doctor. You are asking the doctor to cure your addiction while the doctor happens to be drug supplier as well. And with overwhelming majority you all picked Harper. If you have cared to look at the bitumen it is pretty black as in the white and black of US Civil War and the S. African Apartheid.

Immorality of Compulsive Bone-Headedness or Dysrationalia Exotica

The onus rests with the right thinking good men and good women to get past their compulsive bone-headedness or dysrationalia exotica in the context of living sustainability. Therefore not argue with the suffusion to view the need to pay to one’s best capacity to facilitate the transformation of economy from OIL driven to WASP (renewable energy) driven, and therefore they donate and dump cash profusely without expectation of returns to help WASP take hold and succeed and with the sole motive of defeating, uprooting and devastating the business of OIL to put it out of business.


Les Horswill ~ Is the Quebec drama over?

Standing in the ruins of ancient Rome, you don’t appreciate that the drama in our civilization is also dead. Then I cross the street, order a caffe, and go online. Suddenly, I’m reading that nothing big will ever change across the “English-speaking civilization” and also in the “French-speaking civilization” of Quebec.

Lee Horswill ~ Reform Act: Canada’s way to confuse an effective democracy

There isn’t a Member of Parliament that publicly embraces the 18th-century limited government ambitions of the American Tea Party. Some MPs must be republicans and others must think that Canada’s federation is too centralized. But none of them would say that a fraction of Parliamentarians should see it as their proper place to severely weaken the executive branch of the federal government or that, after each election, the winning caucus should mull over who they want as prime minister.

Louise F. Shillington 

Real Food Actually

In the words of Erin Brockovich, “In the absence of the truth, all of us stand helpless to defend ourselves, our families and our health, which is the greatest gift we have.”


Rachel Parent

GMOs Kids Right To Know


Rachel is a popular contributor at The Canadian and is viewed world wide. A true leader in the fight to bring awareness of the harm caused by GMOs. 

Thanks, so much for your GREAT efforts Rachel - to help Educate Us ALL!

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Everything you’ve always wanted to know about how to be a TV journalist in the 21st. Century but didn’t know who to ask or STORYTELLING AND THE ANIMA FACTOR


Rosemary Fusca 

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Juicing With Amore

Vegan Chef and Instructor, Maria Amore, has just submitted her first vegan cookbook for publication! Two years in the making, Cooking With Amore: 100 Vegan Recipes for Health, Well-being and Spiritual Evolution

John Paily

The String, Atom of Life/Soul,

Consciousness and Future Technologies

Much of the thoughts, ideas, imaginations and visions expressed here were developed nearly two decades back from an interior village as a free man in nature away from all schools of thoughts. It is devoid of mathematics, built on pure imagination and a quest to put together diverse concepts and information’s that scientist have unearthed into sensible knowledge comprehensible to common man.


Don Jackson

Heartbeat of the Internet

A romantic journey into the heart and soul of love.