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Perhaps your life is not where you thought it would be … If that is case, then chances are you are feeling anxious about your life. You are wondering how you will care for yourself, if your finances will be stable, and if your job is secure… providing you have one.

Canadian Folk Music Award Nominees “Gathering Sparks”

Calling all singers (or would-be singers)! The Singalong Soiree is an evening of music that you can join in on. Gathering Sparks (Eve Goldberg, Jane Lewis & Sam Turton) combine their most singalongable originals with popular classic tunes, and would love to have the whole room singing with Them.


Canada in Climate Talks – An Embarrassment for all Canadians

I used to be a proud Canadian. Before I became a Climate Activist, that is. But now as a Climate Activist, I feel nothing but shame and embarrassment for Canada at climate talks.

My current disillusionment is rooted in the rise to power of Stephen Harper and his brand of Conservatism almost 9 years ago. Harper’s detrimental influence on the Canadian psyche will be felt for decades after he is removed from power in the 2015 Federal election (my prediction).

Big trouble in BC ~ Metal-Laden Toxic Material

The results are in! Apparently the residents of Likely, BC are safe to drink the water after 4,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools of toxic water and 4.5 million cubic metres of metal-laden toxic material from Mount Polley Mine’s tailings pond poured into their water supply. But when we look a bit closer, we know things aren’t right.

SWERUS-C3: Methane release from Arctic Ocean

Just a week into the sampling program and SWERUS-C3 scientists have discovered vast methane plumes escaping from the seafloor of the Laptev continental slope. These early glimpses of what may be in store for a warming Arctic Ocean could help scientists project the future releases of the strong greenhouse gas methane from the Arctic Ocean.


Market Champions and the Canada Trap (part one)

Andrew Coyne is the best muse we have for better housekeeping inside the box. Stephen Harper is exhibit A, as its most promising failure. He didn’t invent the term “economic union.” But, unlike any prime minister before, he clearly detests the barriers in its way and has had a majority to work against them. Yet his biggest accomplishment in smoothing the bumps in our federation has been to harmonize Brian Mulroney’s sales tax.

Fair Vote Canada ~ Help us Hit 100,000 Signers

100,000 signers before the 2015 federal election would send a powerful message to the party leaders and candidates that Canadians want a fair voting system, and are willing to make a commitment to it an election issue. We are looking forward to delivering this petition to the party leaders and the media!

Mike Rilstone ~ Prairie Farmers Shot their Own Feet Off!

By eliminating the Canadian Wheat Board, Harper removed the Prairie Farmers unified power. When will they learn? Years before the May, 2011 Federal election, if a Prairie Farmer had listened to Harper’s platform, they would have known he was a corporate-loving plutocrat, (whose personal wealth while Prime Minister had shot from chicken scraps to $15 million), and he was planning to give prairie farming to the huge conglomerates.

Meet Angiel

Tim Knight’s, Three Part Tribute to Nelson Mandela. CLICK BELOW

Wounded Warriors Canada

Founded in 2006, Wounded Warriors Canada is a non-profit organization that helps Canadian Forces members – be they full time or reservists – who have been wounded or injured in their service to Canada.

Click Here To Honour Canada

Rachel Parent

GMOs Kids Right To Know – JUST LABEL IT! Rachel is a popular contributor at The Canadian and is viewed world wide. A true leader in the fight to bring awareness of the harm caused by GMOs.  Thanks, so much for your GREAT efforts Rachel – to help Educate Us ALL!

Learn from Rachel Parent

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It is not our aim to create fear over this Global Catastrophe …  For most of us, it’s a question of what/who, is to be believed …
Juicing With Amore Vegan Chef and Instructor, Maria Amore, has just submitted her first vegan cookbook for publication! Two years in the making, Cooking With Amore: 100 Vegan Recipes for Health, Well-being and Spiritual Evolution

Louise F. Shillington 

Real Food Actually

In the words of Erin Brockovich, “In the absence of the truth, all of us stand helpless to defend ourselves, our families and our health, which is the greatest gift we have.”

TIM KNIGHT Everything you’ve always wanted to know about how to be a TV journalist in the 21st. Century but didn’t know who to ask or STORYTELLING AND THE ANIMA FACTOR
Rosemary Fusca  Always, sharing POSITIVE with The Canadian
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John Paily

The String, Atom of Life/Soul, Consciousness and Future Technologies Much of the thoughts, ideas, imaginations and visions expressed here were developed nearly two decades back from an interior village as a free man in nature away from all schools of thoughts. It is devoid of mathematics, built on pure imagination and a quest to put together diverse concepts and information’s that scientist have unearthed into sensible knowledge comprehensible to common man.

Don Jackson

Heartbeat of the Internet

A romantic journey into the heart and soul of love.

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