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Justin Beach ~ Science needs its own version of the Academy Awards

Justin Beach ~ Science needs its own version of the Academy Awards

Science and technology plays an ever increasing roll in the daily lives of almost everyone and there is every indication that, for better or for worse, this is going to be more true than ever in the next few decades. I think presenting the top 5-10 things that people should be aware of, in an easily understood and carefully explain way, just once per year could help people understand and make important decisions about the present and the future.

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VIDEO – Rick Mercer – “They admit, yes, prior to the Battle of Vimy Ridge, Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden promised that Canada had a sacred obligation to veterans,” Mercer said. “But our government is saying that’s no longer true. No obligation at all.”

“My buddy Paul is a veteran,” Mercer said. “He lost both his legs in Afghanistan. Every year they make him prove over and over again his legs are still gone.”






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