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Anti-Harper vote settling on Justin Trudeau? Polls show seismic shift -The Common Sense Canadian

Trudeau adopted a tougher posture in later debates, in response to critics’ concerns that he was too soft in the first one. Meanwhile, the Niqab controversy – the wildcard of the campaign – appears to have hurt Mulcair worse than Trudeau, despite the fact that they’ve essentially taken the same position. This is because the issue has tracked more with Quebec voters, whom Mulcair was relying on more heavily than Trudeau.This time around, Strategic Voting may be real Lastly, it’s possible that in this anomaly of federal elections, the notion of strategic voting – which typically fares better on paper than in practice – could finally be manifesting itself.

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Wendy Eustace ~ Learning, Change and Uncertainty

If recent news headlines have you wishing for a safe haven, please read this!! Many of the “safe” jobs, relationships and habits that we have are exactly the situations that we need to change. Complacency is a tempting habit and change is scary for most adults. As Robin Sharma says, “the riskiest place you can be is trying to do the same things in the same way as you’ve always done them.

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Monica Chapman Live at the JAZZ BISTRO, Toronto

Monika Chapman received the ultimate reward by being booked at the famous JAZZ BISTRO in Toronto where she will be making her singing debut at this beautiful venue with a 7 piece band of all stars, on the night of Sunday, October 18th, 2015 at 7p.m., most of whom recorded with her on her new album “P.S. I Love You!”.

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As an editorial voice, the public should be informed of this regressive plan where a hospital will rent or farm you out to the private sector. Where is the NDP health critic? What is so sad management represented that the same level of care which is gross misrepresentations (A lie).

Your future health care should concern you as you may be rented out to substandard care and with less dignity.

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