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Climate Change Burnout

Climate Change Burnout

Twenty years ago, I read The Road Less Travelled by Scott Peck. With his first sentence, “Life is difficult,” Peck (psychologist and bestselling author) captured my interest. “Once we truly understand and accept it, then life is no longer difficult. Because once it is accepted, the fact that life is difficult no longer matters,” wrote Peck. I would refer to this book over and over in the next decades of living on and off with depression.

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Sharon Thomas ~  WATCHDOGZ is a Sign of the Times

Sharon Thomas ~ WATCHDOGZ is a Sign of the Times

Rarely does the world get a glimpse of the process by which an asylum seeker can traverse international borders to wreck havoc on the lives of others. Sharon Thomas’ debut novel is a fictional account of some of the immigration issues faced by countries trying to protect their borders. Thomas’ literary depictions take the reader behind the scenes to examine the mindset of a terrorist, individuals who must face making choices that may carry grave consequences, and the lives that they affect.

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David Suzuki ~ The values of hope and happiness

David Suzuki ~ The values of hope and happiness

Reading the news, it’s hard not to feel a growing sense of unease. The threat of terrorism, growing instability and conflict overseas, a shooting on Parliament Hill last October and uncertainty about the economy diminish our collective feelings of safety and security. To this we add the looming environmental threats of climate change, pollution, declining ocean health, oil spills and extreme weather.

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“We all have a story we tell ourselves; change the story and you change your destiny.” 


– Sharif Khan, author of THE HERO SOUL


Stories have the power to transform, inspire and motivate. But they also have the power to tear down and destroy. Story is the lens from which we perceive the world, governing our behavior and ultimately leading to a self-fulfilling – or story-fulfilling – prophecy.


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