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VEIL OF IGNORANCE is dramatic movie script suitable for television, and, alternatively for screen. Looking back at centuries long islamic fundamentalism that fosters the current international terrorism threatening the whole world, the population of the world would need to know much more about the origins of those problems. The story in ‘Veil of Ignorance’ provides bright lights on the hidden roots of islamic fundamentalism and mechanism of terrorism at the same time.

The story is about the feuds in between two different groups of muslims: extremist muslims and moderate muslims who are residents of the city of Vancouver. The two leading characters are:  (1) An extremist/fanatic muslim, who is activist to bring islamic law of sharia into Canada as it is exercised in some parts of the Middle East, notably in Iran. (2) A moderate muslim, who is secularist and an agent of change is opposing all the harsh treatments of women specially the WEARING OF VEIL, including polygamy and staying at home only as house wives which the extremists impose on women. The conflict arises with philosophical arguments between two men: MAHGUB (an extremist) and MAHMUD (secularist) in a private house, and keeps growing into fist-fights in a public ( in a coffee shop ) where police involvement is required. But, that is the beginning of violence between the two which draws more individuals to take parts on both sides.

What is very interesting in the story is that, there is extensive philosophy and a brief story of a martyr, MAHMUD TAHA, who was executed in 1985 in Sudan while organizing the public against islamic law of sharia, and the contents of Koran   (islamic holy book ) referring to it as unfit to the modern age. All muslim clerics and muslim scholars ( the ULAMA ) in the Middle East organized massive protests against Mahmud Taha, accusing him for apostasy, and pushed for his execution.

Because, Mahmud Taha’s literatures are destroyed and people who have known him are brutally suppressed elsewhere in the Arab-muslim world, the world would be taken by surprise to find out this spectacular script emerging after 22 years of Mahmud Taha’s death, by someone who promised him to do so.

The two leading characters in VEIL OF IGNORANCE have roots in the Middle East politics and ideologies. The extremist is of Egyptian origin, who has dubious links to the assassination of the late president Anwar Sadat of Egypt, in 1981. The moderate, and an agent of change is from Sudan,  familiar with Mahmud Taha and his ideology having spent his youth  with his organization until when he was executed. As residents of Vancouver, the former is owner of a convenient store, married, condemns his wife JAMILA to wear VEIL any time she goes out to public and plans to marry three more wives insisting that polygamy is the right way of life in islam. The later is real estate agent, lives in a common law life with his girl friend SAMIRA with genuine love and mutual respect. As the two men befriend each other, the two women do the same which leads to exchange of new ideas and collaboration on how to live better by REMOVING OFF THE VEIL noting it as VEIL OF IGNORANCE that shadowed the minds of extremist muslims lacking understanding of the equality of women with men. That is the point where the extremist shows insanity by beating up his wife, and planning to murder her together with her new found friend, Samira and her boy friend Mahmud, the moderate who is behind the secular ideas with regards to women’s rights.

Totally, there are 17 characters in VEIL OF IGNORANCE. Through the course of several SCREEN MONTHS, which takes place in summer, the story is roller-coaster, full of actions, and, very entertaining as well as educational to all people of all cultures around the world. Actions take place in private houses, coffee shops, streets, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs, police station, prison cell, parks, sea sides, and mountain top, and there is more. As noted above, beginning with oral arguments, through fist-fights, to malicious negotiation, the extremist plans several stages of murder.  When all fails, he hires a drug dealer to be a gunman leading to a multiple murder of three innocent people who happen to be at a wrong party at a wrong time. The scene is a night club, Mahgub was behind the set-up of the party where his wife, Jamila, along with her friends Samira and Mahmud are attending. Intended targets are missed because the gunman is high on drugs at the time of his action. But that is not the end of the story.

In his extremist activities, Mahgub does have a god-father, SHEIKH KADIR, a cleric and clandestine warrior against western civilization being a resident of Vancouver. Finally, the extremist decides to kill the three intended targets and to get on a plane to Pakistan aiming to join Taliban and Al-Qaeda.  He has to go away for two reasons: one is, he is being followed by Vancouver police as a suspect who hired the gunman, who confessed to police murdering the three people for his money; another is, Sheikh Kadir pushes him to kill Mahmud and get away, because he [ Mahmud ] is likely to expose the ideology of Mahmud Taha against the striving islamic fundamentalism.  His god-father, Sheikh Kadir promises to connect him to wealthy islamic charities in the gulf states, so that he [Mahgub ] can travel around  the world, even to come back to North America as a visitor or as an investor with new identity. As a result, he plans to board a plane to the Middle East.

When he thought it is the critical time to get on a plane, Mahgub invites Mahmud and Samira to his house for a fare-well party. It was an evening of catastrophe.  Now, Mahgub has three intended targets to kill with two hand-guns he prepared: his wife Jamila, Mahmud, and his girl friend Samira. They barely survive. Police officers arrive, and, Mahgub and Sheikh Kadir are caught off-guard. Along with them, bomb making materials they have prepared to send for THE TORONTO 18 is caught in the house.

NOTE: This script is sequel oriented, but it depends on the producer(s) who would prepare to undertake the project.

Contact Seyoum Nigussie @ for the full screenplay.

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