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Are you a 2nd class Canadian? I am.


With the passage of Stephen Harper’s Strengthening Citizenship Act, I and, perhaps, millions of Canadians have been made 2nd class citizens. Are you one of them?
I was born in Canada. But, because my mother was born in London, England, I am a United Kingdom citizen by descent. I’ve not applied for that citizenship, but I have a right to it. That means my Canadian citizenship can be revoked for any reason Stephen Harper or future governments might decide. For example, I’m involved in environmental protection issues, and environmentalists have been characterized by the Harper Government as terrorists. Under Harper’s law, he could deem that people like me could have their citizenship revoked. All he’d have to do is reference provisions in Bill C-51 about suspicions.
Please, don’t tell me Harper wouldn’t do this. He has a record of depriving Canadians of their rights.
According to Harper, the only citizens whose citizenship is secure are those who were born in Canada to parents who were also born in Canada. In some cases–Ireland, for example–if your grandparents were born in Ireland you qualify for Irish citizenship.
So, are you a 1st class or 2nd class Canadian?
If you’re a 2nd class Canadian now, are you happy with that new, diminished legal status?

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