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Asian Canadian Association Raises Funds for Tharparkar 



Thank you for all your help for this noble cause. With the grace of Allah, we were able to raise $36,000 at this fundraiser which will go to Tharparkar through Muslim Welfare Center shortly. 


Once again thanks for your generosity. It would not be possible without your help.



Dear Friends,



Hope you are doing great with grace of Allah. We are so fortunate that we are living in this beautiful country where we have all the blessings of Allah. There are many areas in the world who are not that fortunate. One of those is Tharparkar in South-East of Pakistan.  Not sure if you are aware that for last four years, the Thar Desert in south-east Pakistan has been suffering from drought-like conditions. In last 3 months (since Jan 2016 till date) 95 children have died in Tharparkar. The conditions are very poor and death rate is increasing.
Warm Regards
President ACA Canada


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