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(The popular “stupidity defence” or ‘no control over time’ to be exempt from attending at VSR events)


If you are requesting to be excused from not participating in the sustainability promotion, education and commitment enforcing process to insure global ecosystem sustainability, (or VSR) you are indirectly demanding that you be given the benefit of your deliberate stupidity otherwise called atimea stupidosis sustainabilis (ASS) by VSR. Stated another way you are seeking a permission to continue to persist in planet devastation behaviour only on full time basis, without any attempt to stop to undo the harm, so that you may devote 100% of your time towards contributing to the devastation of the biodiversity of the planet and the aggravation of the climate crisis being faced by humanity, wildlife and ecosystems. Or as noted the criminal context, being ‘somewhat confused’ after having ingested 2-3 drinks, you were intending to engage in some unlawful conduct like “drunk driving”, but you were not clear what to do. So your innate wisdom urged you to have a couple of more drinks so that you totally lose the ability to conduct yourself reasonably and then you boldly got behind the wheel. Now you are seeking to be exempt from penalty in terms of fines or suspension etc., because you were stupidly drunk and too incapable to think straight as you did manage to knowingly totally destroy your ability to plan and acted totally unreasonable. Therefore, because you were too heavily intoxicated and you did not know the difference between right and wrong you did not commit any crime. So the stupidity of over-indulgence in alcohol becomes a defence for killing people. What climate crisis boils down to is utter human stupidity. It is not at all difficult to establish that fact and if in doubt chatting online will prove it quickly.

Another example which would help relate ecologically is, if you cook at home, you could apportion time sufficiently sensibly that after you are done with the cooking and consumption of your delicious home cooked meal, there is time left to ‘clean the dishes’, the kitchen and take out garbage produced. But by insisting on being deliberately dumb, you devoted all your time on cooking and consumption of your meal and acting most wisely left no time for ‘cleaning the dishes’, the kitchen and take out the garbage. And in further exhibition of the most superior intellectual traits of yours, you allowed the dirty dishes to accumulate for decades and hoarded all the garbage because according to your reason there was “no time” to do the cleaning because you elected to devote entire time to consumption. Lucky for you, you were not alone, the entire humanity has been doing that for past 200 years or so. At least you did ‘join the club’! You must quickly reprioritize your choices rationally with LOVE.

That is precisely where your stupidity lies when you refuse to take steps towards doing the ‘eco-system clean-up’. What you are refusing to acknowledge is that in your daily living – your eating, transportation, conducting your business (job), your entertainment, even your sleeping in a warmed or air conditioned room is constantly taxing the ecological resources, and you are constantly producing ecological garbage and leaving behind ‘ecological dirty-dishes’, hoping that someone else, who you never pay a penny would somehow do all the cleaning up for you. Unfortunately, that has not happened. Now the air, water, soil etc, are getting so polluted that there is going to shortages of each of these and other products of ecosystem generated luxuries you are used to consuming. Additionally, your great-great-grandparents and your other ancient ancestors too have left a humongous amount of ‘dirty dishes’ for you. You too can leave them for your great-great-grandchildren, but that would be unjust, because when you inherited the ‘dirty dishes’ and kept adding to them, you were able to somehow survive, your great-great-grandchildren are definitely not going to be that lucky, they would die from the stench of the dirty dishes you leave for them. You lack clean up time because you failed in time management.

Your ancestors can be excused because they did not know that their failure to clean up the environmental ‘dirty dishes’ would produce such drastic devastation, and their actions did enrich your lives with all sorts of luxuries extracted from ecosystems. But you cannot be excused because you would be creating the stench of ‘dirty dishes’ with full knowledge that not cleaning up your act would literally kill your and my great-great-grandchildren and they would in no way benefit from your actions but simply suffer and get harmed. For now I am alone, but as my group grows, we are going to legally force you to do the cleaning, coz you are a threat to us

Soon you will find yourself legally forced to end the stupidity of devoting 100% of your time to consumption. Leaving behind your ‘environmental garbage’ would be criminalized into an offence. You must rapidly develop habit and assign 10-15% of your awake hours to clean up the mess your consumptions of the 85-90% of full day’s 24 hours create whereby you create ecological foot print and a carbon foot print. 

You have no business devoting 99% of your time to pollute & not have even 1% to clean up after you!!

And if you need to learn that you have no control over your time scheduling, you suffer from atimea stupidosis sustainabilis (ASS) or in other words you are an ASS; if your first name is Jack, then we have a  JACK-ASS … Need I Say More.


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