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Seyoum Nigussie ~ VEIL OF IGNORANCE  (Screenplay)

Seyoum Nigussie ~ VEIL OF IGNORANCE (Screenplay)

VEIL OF IGNORANCE is dramatic movie script suitable for television, and, alternatively for screen. Looking back at centuries long islamic fundamentalism that fosters the current international terrorism threatening the whole world, the population of the world would need to know much more about the origins of those problems. The story in ‘Veil of Ignorance’ provides bright lights on the hidden roots of islamic fundamentalism and mechanism of terrorism at the same time.

David Law ~ The Map of the World

David Law ~ The Map of the World

My country Canada has, for some years now, enacted a feeble pantomime of resolve against the Islamist scourge. We have contributed to the fight, although far less than our resources would permit. The previous government was bellicose, but largely a toothless old hound: when not sniffing its own hindquarters, it was mainly content to bark and let the noise be a bubble of imaginary merit.

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