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Pipelines everywhere


On Saturday, November 16, people will gather in over 100 communities across Canada at MPs offices and local landmarks.


Join Us in Collingwood

1:00 PM at Simcoe–Grey, ON

MP Office: Kellie Leitch 501 Hume street, Collingwood, ON, L9Y 4H8

Collingwood Joins “Defend Our Climate, Defend Our Communities” Day of Action

Communities across Canada coming together to show united wall of opposition to pipelines, reckless tar sands expansion, and runaway climate change at 100+ local rallies. Collingwood – Collingwood is joining communities across Canada in a national Defend Our Climate, Defend our Communities day of action to show growing opposition to the risks posed by pipelines and oil sands expansion to our climate and communities. Rallies will be held at iconic locations and MP’s offices across the country on November 16th, and participants will link arms to symbolize a united wall of opposition across Canada.

The action at Kellie Leitch’s MP Office, located at 501 Hume St., will take place on Saturday, November 16th at 1pm.

Local volunteers are organizing the event with national support and facilitation by  and dozens of environmental, Indigenous and community groups. Jim Pinkerton, a Collingwood resident, decided to organize this event just 2 days ago to show Prime Minister Harper that the people of Canada want action on climate change.  There are healthier alternatives to fossil fuel development that are clearly being ignored for short term gain. The day of action comes as a recent poll designed by the University of Montreal shows an overwhelming majority of Canadians want the federal government to take stronger action on climate change.

“People from all walks of life – First Nations, ranchers, fishermen, business owners, foresters, teachers – are coming together like never before across the country to form a united wall of opposition and to call on our national leaders to defend our climate and communities from pipelines and the reckless expansion of the oil sands,” said Maggie Knight, Managing Director for “We’ve seen our government work with industry to undermine their own climate legislation, and it’s time for change.”

Who: A diverse group of local citizens with serious concerns about tar sands, pipelines and tankers.

Where: 501 Hume St. Office of Dr. Kellie Leitch, Simcoe-Grey MP When: Saturday, November 16, 1pm

For more information on the Defend our Climate, Defend our Communities Day of Action, please go to the website:

For more information on the poll referenced above:theglobeandmail . com  For more information on oil industry lobbying:  theglobeandmail . com 

For additional information: Local Media Contact: Jim Pinkerton Cell: 705-994-3422

National Media Contact: Maggie Knight  

Thousands of people, and over 35 environmental, Indigenous and community groups, are coming together to show growing and united opposition to the threat posed by pipelines and reckless tar sands expansion to our climate and communities.

Why did we pick this Saturday? 

We’re halfway through the climate talks in Poland, and we’re expecting major pipeline decisions over the coming months. The communities opposing pipelines in the West are now joining  with communities in the North and East, and recognizing our shared concerns for our economy and climate.

National spokesperson Maggie Knight,, 1-855-LEADN0W (1-855-532-3609) ext. 4




Local Media Contacts

To see where the events are happening across the country visit: Below is a description and media contacts f or some of the events in big cities. To contact the spokesperson for an event in any of the other 100+ communities please email or call 604-396-1226.

National spokesperson

Maggie Knight, Leadnow 902-789-0528 Can talk about the dramatic increase in events, growing movement, etc.


A rally that illustrates the parts of downtown Halifax that will be underwater as a result of sea level rise from climate change. 12:00AST, Seaport Market, 1209 Marginal Road Contact: Katie Rae, 902-478-9948

Near Montreal

Community of Kanehsatà:ke Invites those concerned with the Environment to participate in a Peaceful Protest to oppose the Pipelines in Oka Park on Traditional Kanien’kehà:ka Territory. Contact: Genevieve Puskas, 514-792-5222

Quebec City

Hundreds of people are expected to show up and build a wall of opposition to pipelines, tar sands expansion, and runaway climate change. Contact: Genevieve Puskas, 514-792-5222


Participants will build a human wall of resistance between a symbolic pipeline and lake, representing efforts in Toronto to stop tar sands from running through the community, and to show solidarity with people across the country who are fighting dangerous tar sands pipelines and potentially devastating climate change. 2:00 EST, City Hall. Contact: Adam Scott, 416-347-3858


A wall of sandbags is being built near Parliament Hill, signifying what will be needed when rivers, such as the Rideau, flood from climate induced catastrophic storm. 1:00EST, Eternal Flame, Parliament Buildings Contact: Ben Powless 613-601-4219


Participants are building a wall of 116 barrels – the equivalent of the amount of carbon dioxide that will be released every second if the new Shell Jackpine mine goes ahead. 1:00 MST, Alberta Legislature Contact: Mike Hudema 780-504-5601


Thousands of people are expected at a rally to send Stephen Harper, Christy Clark, and Enbridge a clear message that they do not have permission to build a pipeline in BC. 2:00PST, Science World Contact: Ben West 604-710-5340


A rally to demonstrate opposition to Enbridge and Kinder Morgan proposed pipelines and tankers that would bring the world’s dirtiest oil to the BC coast. Speakers include First Nations, unions, environmental organizations, youth voices, and there will be music! Event will be held along the water with a view of the where the tankers would travel. 1:00PST at Clover Point Contact: Caitlyn Vernon 250-386-5255

The federal government is working hand in hand with oil industry lobbyists to build toxic tar sands pipelines west, east and south.

In the west, Kinder Morgan and Enbridge’s Northern Gateway want to expand or construct pipelines to B.C.’s West Coast, quadrupling the amount of oil tankers that will ferry through B.C.’s dangerous and precious maritime waters.

To the south, TransCanada has been lobbying hard to complete the controversial Keystone XL pipeline through the American Midwest.

To the east, TransCanada is pushing to turn an aging natural gas pipeline into its Energy East tar sands pipeline. Enbridge, too, is proposing to reverse its Line 9 pipeline through Quebec and Ontario to convey the tar sands’ dirty cargo to market.

The pipelines are a problem by themselves. They will carve through the countryside and threaten the coasts with catastrophic spills. They will inevitably leak toxic bitumen into the countless waterways along the way. They are opposed by local communities, including many First Nations with rights to the land, air and water.

The pipelines are also an enabler. They’re a 50+ year infrastructure that commits hundreds of billions of dollars to a dirty energy economy, and unlocks emissions growth that will help push the Earth’s climate system past a tipping point.

So why the rush? The government and oil industry need pipelines to enable  a tripling of the tar sands.

That’s why, no matter where you are, the push for pipelines is a threat to your community and your climate.

We need your help. Join thousands on November 16th  to show that communities across Canada are taking action to stop pipelines, reckless tar sands expansion and runaway climate change. Check out the this map to find a rally close to you, then be sure to RSVP so we can keep you updated:

Few Canadians are aware how massive the tar sands are or how fast they are growing. Canada’s tar sands are already the biggest industrial project on earth, and the pace and scale of industry’s continued plans for expansion is astonishing.

Current production has already been proven to create a toxified local environment, with rising cancer rates and other health risks largely borne by First Nations communities who live in the region.

The industry – 71% of which is controlled by foreign owned oil giants – has pushed the Alberta government to approve more than 100 tar sands projects covering 92,000 square km of northern boreal forest, with another 100 projects covering an additional 50,000 square km proposed – a total area the size of Florida.

If it gets its way, the tar sands industry plans to triple production to more than 5 million barrels per day over the next 17 years.

That kind of reckless tar sands expansion would do irreversible damage to communities in the area, and it would unlock enough buried carbon to set off a “climate bomb” in our atmosphere and make it almost impossible to stop runaway climate change.

We need your help. Join thousands on November 16th  to show that communities across Canada are taking action to stop pipelines, reckless tar sands expansion and runaway climate change. Check out the this map to find a rally close to you, then be sure to RSVP so we can keep you updated:


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