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ECOPROPHET PAT for The Canadian


The concept or theme behind the urging of this step to public who are living above the starvation line (i.e. the recommendation does not apply to those who are living in state of chronic starvation or would drop to that state if they reduced their consumption of resources) is to cut back their personal or family consumption by two notches or 20%, which will cut back the carbon foot print and the ecological foot print by two notches or one grace on the R scale. Actually this term can be seen as the same as the five R levels of sustainable lifestyle.

The etymology the word is fairly simple. Element due has an Italian origin and stands for two, the dex-ing part comes from the blending of and expanding of the process. The two notches or two teeth. This idea took roots in my mind through giving a pejorative meaning to the term decadent and through giving it a literal interpretation of ten teeth. Using simple mathematics with a family of four it would add up to a set of 4 decadent consumers in a household or 40 teeth, which is the size of the jaws of a wolf, used as an example of speedy consumption of food as in “wolfing down” as in the popular crossword title “wolfing down burgers and fries while driving”. The reason why wolfs must consume their kill at high speed is that they are in competition with lot larger carnivores and must finish off their kill quickly. Humans too have come to suffer from this delusion that if they did not consume the goods others would do that. In the result the four member decadent family is stealing from other families who must go without the resources. This produced the deadly state of affairs of ever widening wealth gap which is well on its way to cause a global economic meltdown (GEM) and one of the means by which it would take shape is through unrest, rioting, chaos and anarchy or a general meltdown of the civilizationtree 2.

Two commonly missed steps are the need to keep progressing and even more importantly to insure that the message is spread and others induced to replicate. The first step of dropping two notches or 20% or one R level  is a good starting point but in itself insufficient and meaningless. That is what almost everyone approached offers as the reason for not collaborating with me. There is a ubiquitous failure to grasp the need to be aggressive about the “expanding of the process” given that the consumption is a volume phenomenon.  Prudent businesses like Walmart can make billions of profits through immense volumes despite a small profit margin. And in order to impress upon others it helps to keep lowering the R level. So if two notches are dropped every year in five years it is possible to begin living in luxury on $1000 a month take home income if you are currently living on  $10,000 a month.

OIL-ing the devastation of ecosystems: It is said that a sizable fraction of population is complicit with the planet destroying forces through Offence-abetting, Inaction, Lethargy/latitude or apathy or in sum OIL-ing the devastation of ecosystems the OIL giants are engaged in. It is to be noted here that oil giants or Exxon is being used here in a representative capacity and represents the cluster or high denser sources of energy or fossil energy based power sources  of which electricity is a sizable fraction.

Playing Mother Teresa: Another way to express the sentiment is to replicate the sainthood producing compassionate behaviour exemplified by Mother Teresa, implying the intent to develop that sort of empathy for the underprivileged and the marginalized even if not to the degree practiced by her in the slums of Calcutta (now Kolkata). The environmental or climate crisis crippled individuals are the residents of Dhaka Bangladesh who are sitting ducks for the rising Bay of Bengal to immerse their farmlands and source of income and through storm surges devastate them and literally killing them. The less known fact is that they have been an exceptional segment of humanity who are living a negative carbon emission lifestyle given that they have acted to negate or offset the emissions of others through intensive recycling etc.  Thus these slum dwellers of the large metropolis of the world (like Mumbai, Guangzhou, Shenzen, Mumbai, Guayaquill etc as in a BBC report) and suffering chronic starvation while playing the role of saviours. Let us help those poor souls as they happen to be the most vulnerable to climate change as well. The way to do is cut your personal consumption by 10-20%.

Stuff Slavery: It can be safely inferred that the concept duedexing has roots in the discussion contained in the article published in “A creative vision to break away from consumer culture’s destructive grip”. Moral and message is “suspend the shocking slavish stupidity to seek sumptuous stuff senselessly or suffer in silence” On a website I have concluded that future of the planet lies in the battle between Rgoia and the 40Teeth verching, we must promote rgoia. (link to that webpage is ). The message is that there are better ways to secure pleasure in life than a heavy reliance on material consumption. In fact they are lot preferable.

It is not a call for severe suffering but some transient inconvenience. While at first glance the offered advice would appear like torture, something like going to gym for the first time or quitting smoking cold turkey, but in reality the inconvenience is not that serious at all. That is largely in the head or a false fear. As discussed in the conceding paragraph there is going to be a inescapable need to make compromises or pay the penalty for our carbon sins, but the pain is not all that bad and there are  alternatives known as cheap thrills meaning means of enjoying life without a lot of cash flow or heavy consumption lifestyle. There is no real escape from the Inconvenience Truth component as in the book and film by Al Gore.

The ultimate prudence and wisdom in duedexing or R level lowering lies in the fact aligns well with the advice of criminologists or police to women in situations of rape under gun-point that it is preferable and more prudent to allow the offence to be perpetrated but come out alive out of it or end up dead. Their biggest motivation is that through surviving the attack there remains a good chance that the perpetrator rapist can be stopped from  harming other women. Its climate change context version is that it is better for the affluent population to lower their standards of living voluntarily in order to avoid the serious threat of global unrest and anarchy and the descent of the world into World War III because if that eventuality takes hold there would certainly be a loss of the cherished luxuries but there is a threat to very lives of you and your loved ones.

Synonyms of duedex would include or living the Vancouver Sustainability Run (VSR) pledge;  Milledovie (mildovy)  or living in luxury on $1000 a month take home income; adopting Rediluvian faith (Rediluvianism or  Rediluvism). They are different ways to emphasize the same central themes of adopting a sustainable lifestyle hoping that one  or another way would help a given individual to incorporate it in family life.

The choice is not really yours. While the adopting of the VSR pledge, mildovy, REDI faith or duedex is presented here in a polite format, the truth however is as the catastrophe of climate change unfolds you really have little choice in the matter and as canvassed in the example of rape under gunpoint, you would be forced to live this lifestyle through rising costs of food, water, energy and other resources and dropping incomes and rising unemployment etc.  I could be seen as saying as expressed by Head of India’s FBI and some others, to the effect that “If you can’t prevent rape, you might as well enjoy it.” But in the recommendation that public of the wealthy nations bring drastic lifestyle changes there are major difference. Firstly this deliberate drop in the standard of living is in a way penitence for the carbon sins or an attempt to offset the carbon emissions already perpetrated. So you are not an innocent victim like the rape victim. And the reality of enjoying the sex during a rape from the reality of enjoying living a lowered standard of life is again more like going camping where you do not have all the luxuries like microwave and dishwasher and is genuinely fun for a vast majority of us.

May I suggest that everyone avail of an opportunity to stop and think? I say so because finally I am not really coercing anyone to do anything. I am merely the messenger. I am presenting facts like  a reporter or a physician telling that quit smoking and using street drugs or you would die. Choice still rests with the public. As an expert who has spent a decade studying the issue and developed the necessary prognostic skills (hence the prophecy making powers) can nearly guarantee the various outcome courses based on scientific data. Wisdom in listening to my recommendations lies in the fact that if people waited to see whether my predictions come true or not, by the time they do, which they certainly will, it would be too late to do anything just as after the cancer has already spread all over the body it is too late to quit smoking. So if each one stops and asks if one is ready to be the test subject or guinea pig to wait until the condition has already developed or not, that would help make a rational choice.


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