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On my visitation I met the patient in question under the care of WECARE, a private company based out of Ontario. The patient was welcoming, polite and appeared quite intelligent as he explained his journey. As a RN I was shocked and dismayed after listening to the passionate truthfulness of the patient ’s facts and journey. With not getting into detail he estimated a 30% decrease in his standard of care as compared to hospital care. The Saskatoon Health Region has also entered into a contact with another private company for his care, CBI Health Clinics. What is disgraceful, the company with no introductions was impersonating to be Saskatoon Health Region employees as physiotherapist. This secretive behavior is disrespectable to patient and a shame on the Health Region for being coy and deceitful. What is even more disheartening is when introduced with 6 people in room, he assumed 4 were students. The patient was not corrected, thus everyone in room lied as not expose the truth including the Saskatoon Health Region and CBI Health Clinics. This is coercion! Further the new Occupational Therapist identifies herself as a Saskatoon Health Region employee by gesture and email. She has never admitted that she is a private contractor of an undisclosed company.

The patient explained that he is now being cared for by individuals of WECARE which, is primarily made up of individuals with less than 2 months experience and are now taking care of an ALS quad patient on a wet vent machine a level 4 patient with no educational training by on site educators. This is dangerous and unsafe.

This patient, within the confines of a hospital, endures long wait time, patient abandonment of 6 hours a day because WECARE caregivers are not around because they went to move their car, gone for breaks, visiting other strangers. Further this patient explained the roughness, bad suctions plus the severe dumping of water down his throat causing horrific choking and gagging because they have no training. The patient definitely knew his care requirement to the point of providing a 15-page care plan, which WECARE manager Carla Osborne rejected. Further WECARE refuse to reply to patient’s questions and emails on his care. The private sector just doesn’t give a flying rat nest. This WECARE, care plan had the input of 2 RN ’s that worked with ALS patients. Current, this secretive plan has allowed zero input from patient and will not be shown to patient. I believe both provisions are a breach of patient rights. I cannot believe this ignominious behavior has been allowed to continue in light of the care he received at Parkridge Care Home, which was daily elder abuse.

There is an amazing story to this patient between declared brain dead and the criminal elder abuse at Parkridge with two lawsuits against the Saskatoon Health Region, which is a book in it self.

The situation that that private, non-union workers getting less pay, possibly no benefits, with inferior training and knowledge appears to contravene every thing that the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses and SEIU stand for! It surprises that SUN hasn’t started a riot given they have issues with LPN’s in the workplace. Even the political health critic and the opposition party have ignored this new secretive erosion of universal health care, which is a moral backbone for their electorate. It’s confusing as to why these two unions have allowed this form of “privatization” in a unionized hospital. Currently WECARE, with its sparse staff, has many workers putting in 24-hour shifts and returning within 8 hours or less. This is dangerous for patient care and explains the sleeping in the work place. This is slavery for money and to meet the terms of this undisclosed contract with patient being singularly, party to. Why is contract a secret, patient should receive copy but refused, no different than releasing 40 million dollar Black’s Lean Health Contract.

As an editorial voice, the public should be informed of this regressive plan where a hospital will rent or farm you out to the private sector. Where is the NDP health critic? What is so sad management represented that the same level of care which is gross misrepresentations (A lie).

Your future health care should concern you as you may be rented out to substandard care and with less dignity.


Editorial prepared by anonymous RN nurse and delivered to patient Larry Machula at Room 6131 Saskatoon City Hospital


Larry Machula

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