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by Larry Machula, BA Econ B Com


This a complex issue, however as a quad vented ALS patient I will try to break down and explain why Universal Health Care is a funding, leadership, cultural and self-protecting mess. The foundation of this column is based on the reality of living with the Saskatoon Health Region and is not fabricated by any means.


To offer validity and proof to my position I have been under the care of the Saskatoon Health Region for 3 years including two level 4 care homes and 3 hospitals. I am currently in Saskatoon City Hospital. I live with a rare variant motor neutron disease that is a form of ALS. I have had 5 heart attacks, 4 resuscitations with my heart not working for 16 minutes the 5th time, declared brain dead in June 13th 2013 by brain dead doctors at St Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon which was declared the Death Angel hospital in Canada by a National survey that was published in the Globe and Mail (December 3, 2014). Larry Machula as Plaintiff is suing the Saskatoon Health Region, St Paul’s Hospital and a congress of doctors for negligence and malpractice. (QB 830/15 Saskatoon)


Universal Health Care is usually the largest funding item on Provinces spending budgets and year-end reporting. Yes, the Government and health Chief Executive Officers redistributes our tax dollars. Here lays a basic problem the giver, the Minister of Health has usually no knowledge of the historical culture of health institutions and relies on a swarm of bureaucrats that can’t think outside the box. For example in Saskatchewan it appears that Health Minister Duncan has an oil and gas background and yet he is responsible for the largest expense line item in the Billions of dollars. This concept of mixing pure water with oil mindset allows for abuse and bad political agenda resulting in a gigantic waste and not best use of taxpayer’s money. One example is how Saskatoon Health Region decided to spent mega millions on an out of date level four health facility, Parkridge Care Centre, grossly contaminated with mold, roof leaks, outdated functionality from the seventies, odor filled, failing mechanical systems at all levels. Parkridge is ran like a prison block specializing in criminal elder abuse that I experienced first hand. (Over 80% of patients can’t protect themselves from the butchers of silent potential murderous health caregivers). This is like fixing a beater and the new car parts but brings no added value or vision. A new facility should have been addressed with a fresh 50-year life expectancy. I can validate my position as I was forced to live there without my consent into a room with no windows for 300 days, not allowed use of my 30,000 dollar motorized wheelchair for 9 months, left in soiled bed for more than 8 hours, multiple inflicted injuries (Pictures available), my meals eaten by staff and the corruption of lies and cover-ups by abusive professionals, staff and crooked willfully blinded management. Larry Machula as Plaintiff is suing the Saskatoon Health Region, Parkridge Health Centre and a congress of lying bullying employees. (QB 1/15 Saskatoon) Currently there is an on going criminal investigation by Saskatoon Police Services, which will further merit the truthfulness of writer. Also a significant complaint has been filed with the Saskatchewan Public Complaint Commission. (Copy available) The first reason Universal Health Care is failing us is because of conflict, way to many managers, lack of knowledge and authoritative political abuse by both the government and CEO’s of health regions.


Larry Machula

Larry Machula

Today many health regions in Canada operate so Jurassic with not accepting leading IT protocol for efficient input, efficient access and most importantly patient access. The problem health regions do not want patient’s to have access to his or her own records in real time. In my case my care plan is not being available to me by bogus privacy clause abuse by stating it will hurt me, another lie and I might hurt someone which is unbelievable as I am a quad vented patient. A care plan requires patient input, family input, be dated and signed. I have a 20-page un-seen fraudulent unsigned, and undated care plan. This matter is in the hands of Privacy Commissioner’s Office. The health region is calling my request to see my own personal care plan as being frivolous or vexatious and being requested in bad faith, which is so desperate and deceitful. This is lawyering BS, as managers of my care do not have the knowledge to use these bigger words. What and why is the Saskatoon Health Region hiding the truth from all my legal guardians, my very trusted Doctor, my lawyer and me? How does this factor cause waste? A million dollars spent to fight my truthful honest legal claims. Its simple, we have to many highly paid managers going to meetings at the expense of the number of generally limited and lower paid front line workers where it counts for you and me. This Jurassic culture contributes less to patient interaction and understanding. I can validate the following way, I have been in Saskatoon City Hospital and next to my room is Unit 6200, which represents 28 beds. In addition to the unnecessary manager they have a sub-manager nurse, which does no hands on care. Because I was cared for 6200 there are mature professional RN’s that could meet the challenge with no managers. Nurses have shared stories as bad as one manager for one employee and no employees. As far as I am concerned the whole 6th floor needs just one manager with some members of nursing pool agreeing with me. Proper IT systems would save money by getting rid of a bunch of over paid manager passenger pigeons. The second reason Universal Health Care is failing us is because IT would no longer protect employees as much and would give better protection to patients with better efficiency, better accountability, as Jurassic protects unnecessary jobs which is a waist of taxpayer’s money.


Currently, virtually all aspects of health care are self-regulated. What this means that all the self governing agencies like the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association and all others are designed to protect it members first. Patient’s are left with the impression they are working to protect you. This is the biggest lie of all. This is further flawed with hospitals doing self-inspections, like Iran does on its nuclear ambitions. Health Regions require more public independent bodies for equilibrium in justice as every one is on same payroll resulting in conflicts that are collectively bias against patient honesty. This results in a bias culture to protect each at the expense of truthful patients. There would be savings by identifying the liars, the abusers and give more credibility of patient’s truthful allegations. The biggest savings would be in the form of civil liability, the wasteful money spent on devious caregivers and bad lying managers with their heads in the sand. I am in a position to validate my claim. I have filed numerous complaints to a variety of self-regulated professional agencies. I have over 1000 videos; over 1000 photographs, a diary of over 1000 pages; witnesses and I have no case. The reason is simple its my word against two lying caregivers. I call this the gag bang 2 on 1 trumps the patient truth every time. This is further amplified by job protecting managers. In some ways health regions operate like an Indian Class structure where there is no compassion coupled with administration that are really calling the shots and threatening doctors that they stand to lose their hospital privileges if they don’t follow the un-passionate management as told by doctors to me. Lean health breaths the destruction of staff moral, as there is no room for common sense and compassion. This is the 3rd reason why Universal Health Care fails us because of no independent governance to truly protect patient’s resulting in more managers to police this divided class structure between physicians and managers. The word team is the most abused word in the Saskatoon Health Region as there is no valid teams in this class-structured bigot organization. Simply put a divided house is more costly to the taxpayers.


As a patient with 30 years business experience I have never encountered an industry were they eat their young and severely punish, black ball their employees for being honest and telling the truth. This threat hangs over every front line worker thus forcing them to lie or have convenient memory loss. This management style causes bad precedence and a promotion culture of liars and more waist of taxpayers’ money by protecting the liars.  This also destroys the credibility of honest patient’s and staff. The health region offers no protection, as there is no whistle blower program with legal teeth. In media the story always ends the same way employee fired for telling the truth. In the United States some hospitals have started rewarding truthful employees, getting rid of liars and seeing reduced adverse events with lower insurance premiums. The cost of this policy is costly in terms of money, proper patient care by choosing willful blindness to protect the culture of lies and complete lack of transparency. I am in a position to validate this position because I was there and have concluded that I am the only one telling the truth. This is the 4th reason why Universal Health Care is failing us because it’s mandates, directives and policies (SHR Policy & Directive 7311-10-003 is with no legal guarantee or protection for the whistle blower) that destroys staff moral and patient confidence resulting in in a bloated cash-eating monster wasting more taxpayer’s money.


The complexity of health care has to bring back Zen logic and thinking instead of being a petrified hog for which is. Health regions are varnished with Prussian hegemony like the 19th century where administrative brass are interested in their leadership, their dominance, their dominion, their supremacy at all levels of righteous management, their deceitful mastery for cover-ups with conspiracy, their appetite for control, their position of power, their use of sway to hide the truth of patients, their love of rule which is not legal statute, and finally their selfish use of Sovereignty. This editorial does discuss aspects of poor human asset management, poor physical asset utilization, purchasing corruption, time management, abusiveness of Lean Health, the over abundance of meetings by pizza leaching hungry managers, the disease of redundancy of employees, and the complete stubbornly attitude to employ no common sense with ostrich habits. The message in this editorial is simple, every room should contain a leaflet about patient rights as to educate and protect themselves, endorse IT systems so patient is informed in real time, and implement policies that reward caregivers for being as numerous hospitals in the United States which has resulted in reduced insurance premiums and way fever adverse events. (Repeated statement)


In the editorial I outlined 4 situations Universal Conflict, Universal IT lack of, Universal Transparency required now, Universal Management in-balance is why health care to us seams to converge to the fact there is much needed transparency, common sense, and independent care auditors and pubic assessment boards with true non bias governance. I have enclosed links which validly my perspective.


On a macro basis health regions should abandon the over use of political correctness as it distorts the true meaning of events. There is a greater need to apply the “Swiss Cheese Model” of failure. (See link) The egregious act of collective employees to shield the truth in health care must cease. The punitive management model hurts us all as it creates liars in fear for their jobs. Further stream lining in decisions by management is required immediately, because passenger pigeon managers looking for a blessing that wastes so much time going up the multi layer food chain. (Quote Saskatoon Star Phoenix 01/23/16, “a significant jump, considering salaries account for 75% of budget” for Saskatoon Health Region). Wow the health region is very top heavy. Maybe Lean Health should start trimming the fat and leave the meat alone!  Micro Management requires to many managers just to protect those passenger pigeon managers to be real waste of taxpayer’s money. Some Macro Management practices are required for balance. Based on my personal care experience with this Health Region over 3 years many I witnessed employees suffer convenient mental memory loss and perjury flu. I have the prescription to cure this mess immediately and my deceased sister Doreen a pharmacist killed by a drunk driver would have said to me they need a double dosage of my prescription. These illnesses are supported as an extended definition of bigot management style of suffragism. This management model is highly employed at Parkridge Care Home operated by the Teflon coated Saskatoon Health Region. I would know I lived there for 1 year. Patient care is your business not a confession booth. I can validate this by the simple fact front line caregivers, manager and patient want to change a mask protocol but un-ordained six digit income bishop managers who haven’t given their blessing yet after 9 months, on something so trivial. So much time and money is wasted on the stupid incompetent self-serving affair, manipulative, mandates, directives and policies to minimize transparency and truth to staff, patients, regulatory bodies, taxpayers and government. It’s so bad that caregivers refuse to follow Doctors written orders! Remember your health care is your business. Take pictures, keep a diary, read daily chart notes and don’t enter this Universal Health Care system with overly trust, ask for second opinions, drill for answers, nannie cam, be protective and responsible for your mortality statistic! Sue if you have to! All health regions know a DEAD PATIENT CAN’T TALK!


Larry Machula BA Econ B Com

Advocate for Patient Rights















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