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Well it’s not even Labour Day, and if you thought you’d have a nice, quiet summer away from politics, think again! With the early election call, we’re already up and running in Canada’s longest election campaign in modern history.

I don’t know about you, but I think elections are fun and very exciting. They’re a chance to hear leaders and candidates on the campaign trail responding to questions and dealing with issues every single day. And while parties try to plan and script every minute of every day to make their team look the best they can, the reality is that elections are organic, unpredictable and give us our best chance at finding out where our leaders really stand on critical issues.

Here at the David Suzuki Foundation, we asked our supporters what issues were the most important to them and, not surprisingly, the right to a healthy environment topped the list along with climate change and a green economy.

So this election, we’re doing everything we can to engage with candidates and parties and bring you the latest from the campaign trail on the issues that matter most. We’re also sending out weekly tips on how you can get involved in your community, encouraging friends and family to vote and spreading the word about how important this election is.

The first thing you can do is sign our election pledge at We want to help Canadians send a strong message to all party leaders that we’re committed to voting for bold leadership that recognizes our right to live in a healthy environment.




In the coming weeks, we’ll also be sending out tools like questions to take to all-candidate debates, comparisons of the party platforms and ways to get involved in televised debates. You can find some of our early work online at our Election 2015 Blog.

This is a critical moment for the Blue Dot movement. Which government we elect on October 19 will factor in to planning the next phase of our campaign. So it’s up to each one of us to get out there in our communities and tell our candidates what kind of leadership we expect from them.

For Canadians like you who care about our health, our environment and our economy, one thing is clear: on October 19, voting is the most important thing you can do to protect the people and places you love.


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