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Comments on Amy MacPherson’s article on Harry Fears ‘Message to Canadians’


photo-sketch-web-150x150by Elfie Leddy, Vancouver, British Columbia

 I am a Canadian woman, fortunate to live in beautiful British Columbia, who will officially be a senior citizen of 65 years of age this summer. As such, I may not be the brightest star in the Universe, but I do twinkle – meaning my brain is activated. I think about what I see, hear & experience.

Thus I am one of the senior’s whose CPP contributions are being invested by the Canadian government in partnership with domestic & international companies that helped build the ‘Wall’ in Palestine as well as providing in-service support, training & testing of Integrated Soldier systems already deployed in Giza and other countries. If you do not know what these ‘Drones’ are, they are basically vehicles with the ability to kill by remote control. 

My comment on the Israel & Palestine situation, as presented by this eye-opening report will not deal with the right & wrongs of either side. I cannot in good conscious voice an opinion on a conflict that has gone on throughout history in one way or another, a conflict I know nothing about. I do not understand their government structures since I have no knowledge of the underlying issues beneath the evolution of their political conflicts. I struggle to understand my own government’s structure and issues, issues that affect me directly.

Thus, I have refused to engage in an opinion on the whole Israel & Palestine conflict, outside of the immense shame & sadness I feel over the suffering & deaths of the innocent casualties on both sides resulting from a conflict further fueled by the involvement of countries that know little more than I do about the real issues. What they see, in my opinion, is the monetary potential in the continuation of this conflict. What I do know is that independent individuals and human rights organizations on both sides are working to find a humane way to resolve these issues & are doing what they can to help the innocent casualties.

My comments in response to this article relate to three issues that I feel affect ME directly, as a Canadian & as a human being who is watching our global humanity slip away:  

  1. Canada’s noncommittal position on any global issue that may affect their nice-guy, peacekeeping global image, one we can no longer maintain under the world’s scrutiny of how the leader of our country, Mr. Harper, is handling our own Aboriginal issues as recently exposed in the case of Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike. Nice-guy Canada has & is continuing to use our CPP contributions to support the conflict between the Israel & Palestine. 
  2. This conflict between Israel & Palestine is NOT about politics or religion or even the allocation of land. It is about MONEY & POWER. Politics & religion are only the means used to fuel the continuation of ongoing conflict to fill the coffers of those who continue to benefit financially from war.
  3. My views on CHILDREN, once again serving as the sacrificial lambs for adult disputes in being the ultimate victims of this on-going conflict, as they are in all wars in all countries on our planet throughout history.


Issue #1 – Canada’s Image & Real Face

As a Canadian citizen I feel SHAME at our overall ignorance about what our government is doing without our knowledge as well as our apathy & disinterest in the issues that need to be addressed within our borders, let alone our global position on international issues. Canada earned the reputation of being ‘such nice & courteous people’ as well as the Peace Keepers & humanitarians providing aid in war-torn & natural disaster locations. This ‘nice’ reputation supports what our international representatives continue to reiterate, ‘that we, as a nation, maintain a position of supporting that human rights initiatives & Laws must be respected’. What does that mean? It mean & says nothing other than implying the Canadian government supports the principal of doing the right thing. 

I truly believe that the majority of Canadians, as are all others on our globe, are good people. The problem is we have been fed a comfortable ‘illusion of reality’ by both the Global Media and our own elected government officials. Most of us don’t have a clue about the reality, ‘what is really going on’ in our own country, let alone the world. The truth is, we don’t WANT to know. Reality is far too disturbing. It is easier to believe the disinformation, misinformation & outright lies we are being fed. If we actually wake up to what is happening in our country & the world at large we may have to take responsibility for our part in it & that would be terribly distressing & uncomfortable. After all, we are working hard to survive as it is. Well, screw distress & discomfort. Take a look at what Canada is actually doing, not what we think it stands for. Then you decide.

Canadian-Flag smMany people do not realize that in-action IS ACTION & can be more powerful than taking a position on any issue. I suspect our elected officials hoped our Aboriginal Native Issues would not draw too much public attention & somehow disappear. Our current leader, Mr. Harper, based on his in-action when asked to meet with Native leaders in hopes of finding an equitable solution, has actually set several things in motion, more powerful than if he had met with Native representatives. First, he stands with an Ostrich Egg all over his face, for the world to see, an embarrassment to many Canadians. There goes our nice-guy international reputation. I’m certain many of us draw comparison to the embarrassing verbal blunders of the previous U.S. President, that made him look foolish in the eyes of the world & lose the confidence of the American voters. Secondly, Harper’s in-action set in motion a movement of support for Chief Theresa Spence that has grown exponentially not only nationally, but internationally. I am so proud of every Canadian who has signed petitions and united in cities across Canada in support of Chief Spence’s willingness to put her life on the line in order to begin a dialogue with Mr. Harper.

Many Canadians are waking up & realizing we are responsible for doing what is RIGHT to repair the historic errors made by our ancestors. Many Canadians who knew nothing of Aboriginal issues are now interested, learning & taking a stand against the injustices we, as a nation, have ignored for too long. So, Mr. Harper, you have single-handedly tarnished the Canadian global image, thanks to your inaction. At the same time, thank you. You have inadvertently woken many Canadians up.

As if this domestic embarrassment is not enough, the revelation, to ME, of what lies behind that ‘so-nice’ Canadian persona, is how our Canadian government is aiding and abetting the situation overseas to enhance its monetary & investment interests. Nothing wrong with protecting your business investments, except that these investment dollars are MY CPP contributions, intended to be there when I need the paltry amount allocated to live on when I retire, which I can not afford to do. The fact this is just 7 months away is a tad disconcerting to me, particularly now that I know what my CPP contributions support. In truth, my head is reeling & I am justifiably enraged that as Canadian citizens, our pension money, the CPP contributions we make out of our earnings is going to keeping conflict going & the development of unmanned machines to kill people.

Here’s a recap of where MY and YOUR CPP contribution dollars went & are still going:

  1. Canada is in partnership with both domestic & international companies (approx. $12 million dollars for domestic and over $45 million dollars for international companies) on projects like building Israel’s Apartheid illegal ‘Wall’. What disturbs me greatly, outside of the fact that’s where my CPP money went, is that, although I wasn’t aware of this wall before, it brings a most uncomfortable image to my mind. It reminds me of several other walls – those built by the Nazis to contain the Jewish people in their Ghettos during WW2, the barbed wire fences of the concentration & extermination camps, as well as the wall dividing East & West Germany. 
  2. Additionally, Canada, with these same CPP contributions, helped keep the conflict going by its investment in G4S Companies designed to develop security solutions like assisting the development of unmannedOB-PT033_drones_G_20110920220004 machines to kill people via remote control. Like those lovely little ‘drone smart cars, all-terrain vehicles’ & aerial drones with the ability to kill via remote control, produced by companies such as Elbit, whom the Canadian government partnered with for specific applications like: surveillance of forest fires, searches in the Artic, monitoring of environment, agriculture, forestry & wildlife. Funny how so many of these drones glide over Giza and wherever there is a major conflict or war. It could just be a coincidence that Canada also teamed up with Aeronitics Ltd., one of Israel’s largest defense companies using these drones.
  3. What frightens the Hebbie-Jebbies out of me is that the very existence of these drones now projects a potential future where the ‘Drone Video Games’ & futuristic movies our children & even we watch become our reality – remote killing of the masses.
  4. Oh, least I forget, Canada is also, in Alma, Quebec, testing UAS (unmanned aerial systems) currently used over Giza and other conflict zones. As to future investment initiatives, Canada invested in CAE (in partnership with Elbit) to support the ‘next generation integrated soldier systems’ (already deployed in Giza and other countries). According to Elbit’s corporate mission statements & assurances by Canadian government representatives, ‘these systems were intended to ensure the Canadian Army is fully supported for the long-term’. For what? A future when Canada actually takes a position on ‘the right thing to do’, pisses somebody off & finds themselves in a war?


#2 – Israel & Palestine – It’s about MONEY & POWER

As disconcerting to me, actually the word is SHOCKING, is discovering where my CPP contributions are going. However, based on all my independent research in a diversity of subjects, I am not surprised. Simply put, things are not what they seem. Perception is easily manipulated by those who know how because most people don’t question what they are told or hear in the media. Wars, since ancient times, have been less about the defense of a nation or religion or even human rights than the underlying benefit of wars. Wars are about Power & Money. When you have the former, you get more of the latter & the more of the latter you have, the more power you can wield, period. It is the oldest control formula in the world. 

The conflict in Giza & surrounding areas, to my mind, is not about either Israel or Palestine gaining all the power & thus the wealth. Yes they are at odds with each other & perhaps left alone, without interference from other countries, they may actually find a way to resolve their differences. The continuation of this conflict is about the ownership of the rich resources lying beneath the sands of the Middle East. Diversion is one of the most effective tactics in war. Because of this, the whole Middle East area has always been a hotspot of dissent that bubbling up in various locations periodically here and there. The Giza conflict is just the most recent flare-up. I believe that once again, the Jewish religion was used as the spark to ignite & fan the existing political unrest once again. Both sides have investors in continuing this conflict, like Oh, Canada, because the monetary gain to the investing companies & nations is staggering. I can already hear the words ‘she’s a conspiracy freak’ running through many reader’s minds. I do not care what you think of me. I care what I think of myself. What I not only think, but what can be verified by documented fact, is that the most lucrative investment an individual, company or country can make relate to wars. The money flows, and flows from an endless supply of diverse sources & products, filling the coffers of these investors. But, at what price? 


Issue #3 – CHILDREN

This issue is the most important of all. The price we pay for adult conflicts of any kind is the effect on our children. Children are traumatized, maimed & die because of our adult squabbles. Yes, squabbles, albeit the big squabbles we called wars. 


SHAME ON US ALL – for if we are not doing it,

we are watching it being done & do nothing

We are supposed to be the adults, the caretakers of our children, the next generation. Yet, we think nothing of sacrificing them as collateral damage, in the name of our religions, self-righteous beliefs, national & political dogmas & for a diversity of other justifiable reasons. The majority of all casualties of wars are civilians, most of which are children. They are the ultimate victims across the globe & always have been. 

Just the trauma to a child, the PSTD affect on them creates the foundation for future violence. Already in a state of high anxiety by watching their families & loved ones being maimed & killed, outside of their own injuries, they are susceptible to the most heinous of crimes – mental programming for future agendas. Their hyper-vigilant state of mind makes them easy targets because they will believe anything that appears to alleviate their existing traumatized state. Children are highly impressionable because of their limited cognitive mental abilities. They will believe whatever adults tell them.


The recruitment of young, impressionable children to armies is common practice in many countries across the globe.  Being children, they will defer to authority, and needing a sense of security & belonging, particularly if they are orphans, they will comply with adult directives without question. If they have food, some clothing & belong to a group (to replace the family they lost), they will feel relatively secure. If that does not work, fear & intimidation usually does the trick. Once these children are in their late teens or early adulthood, they are well-programmed to support future conflicts based on national, religious & supposed humanitarian principals. War does NOT promote PEACE. That is the ultimate oxymoron. ONLY PEACE PROMOTES PEACE.

So, what are we modeling to our children? I feel shame at what we are modeling in all areas of our lives. Far too many of us are too busy surviving, acquiring & consuming to teach our children anything by example. When did we stop being their role models? Listen to what many of them are saying & doing now as they stand up for what is wrong in support of what is RIGHT on the issues we can’t seem to find solutions to.  Many of them have replaced us as role models to lead us back to our lost humanity, despite the fact that we have long abandoned our responsibility of being their caretakers.

Although my tears can do little to help these children, I weep with shame. So, as the seasoned gal I am, having survived many challenges in my own life, I am prepared, for their sake, for our children’s sake, for future generations to have the human decency to take responsibility for our past failings & take whatever action we can, to the best of our ability. We can only do so if we are willing to change our thinking & beliefs about the illusion of reality we have chosen to accept. We can each make that choice right now – do the right thing in our own lives & stand alongside our friends, neighbors & countrymen to do what is right for our nation. We ALL know, in our hearts what that is. I have complete faith and trust that as many Canadians have already made that decision, others will be inspired to follow their lead, as many are doing right now. Oh, Canada (I say with optimistic hope)…. Our future is in our hands. What will we do with it?

The Canadian Welcomes Your Comments …


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