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An open letter to all of our volunteers :

In five days, our Canada changes for the better. In five days, our nation will experience deliverance.

Freedom is on the horizon.

Freedom from tyranny and deception, freedom from slight of political hand.

We have five days to bring them back.hope

 We must bring them back from discouragement, from disillusion, and from the confusion of Harper’s shadow politics. Bring the disillusioned voters back.

The spirit of Laurier and Pearson are with us.

Let the strength of democracy and the spirit of Canada fill your sails.

I know your fatigue, I know your sacrifice.

 I myself have missed out on moments with my newborn daughter that I will never get back. For Canada… Always for Canada.

Like many of you, I’ve been at this since the end of June, since before the election was even called.

5 more days my friends…

5 days and the tears will flow for us all.

Tears that represent the hopes and dreams that we hold dear:  for ourselves, for our neighbors and for our children.

5 days and the healing of our nation begins.

My friends, Last night, at 2 am,  I heard her call.

Canada is speaking and she is saying: “Bring me home”.

She calls to all of us today.

To all of the volunteers who are pounding  the pavement, to all those making calls, to the sign people, to the family members supporting them., She appreciates your sacrifice, and she needs all that you have left.


From all of us inside of LPC, from the war room,  from all of us (the directors, the employees and the volunteers) :


Now is the time.

Hear Canada’s voice as she says: “Go Liberals!”

Now is the time.

To all of you….



J.Glenn. 2015






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