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Harper: Governing with Propaganda

by Corey G.


Ever since he came to power Stephen Harper has been trying to brainwash Canadians with the greatest barrage of propaganda this country has ever seen. A barrage of lies and half truths worthy of Big Brother, and almost impossible to avoid. They’re on TV, and on the radio, they jump out at you in newspapers and magazines. And now you can’t even get away from them when you check out the weather.

Videos with quotes from Chairman Harper, all designed to make him look good. And as a bonus, a link to his very own website. Presumably so you can ask him whether it’s going to rain or snow tomorrow. And of course all paid for with OUR money. But wait there’s more. Hang on to your wallets because here they go again. The Harper government has launched a $4-million national ad campaign celebrating the Fathers of Confederation and a country that has become “strong, proud and free” more than two years in advance of Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017. Spending a fortune on ads to celebrate Canada’s birthday, like they did with the War of 1812, to promote Great Leader’s martial view of our history. And of course promote HIM…

NDP critic Mathieu Ravignat said the size of the Canada 150 ad budget — this far in advance of the 2017 anniversary — raises suspicions the campaign is more pre-election positioning by a Conservative government that he says has a history of using public advertisement funds for partisan purposes. Making it look like nobody loves Canada as much as he does and declaring in true Big Brother fashion that under his glorious rule we are “strong, proud, and free.” The Canada 150 ads include 30-second and one-minute spots in English and French that both conclude with the tag line “Strong Proud Free” printed across the television screen. Which just happens to fit the theme of his latest propaganda effort…

And is clearly designed to reinforce, or worse IMPRINT the message that only a strong leader like him can keep us free from the ISIS terrorists who would behead us in our beds. And make us proud to be Canadians. When in fact we have never been weaker, more divided, less proud, and more oppressed. Nobody has done more to destroy Canada and its values than Stephen Harper. And it’s just more ghastly partisan propaganda, of the kind that wafts out of this porky place. Which also just happens to star Great Leader, posing as an economist.

Because that’s just what you need when you’re looking for a job eh? Watch Great Leader’s speech to the United Nations. It’s absolutely outrageous. It couldn’t be more Orwellian. Or more INSANE. With the new Canada Job Grant, the Government of Canada will partner with businesses, provinces and territories to help Canadians get the right skills for available jobs. Which had to pulled off the air, and disabled on their site, after its claims were found to be FRAUDULENT…

Because the Job Grant program didn’t exist. Which expressed how I felt about them then. And still makes clear how I feel about them NOW…

They are the grubbiest, grunting, gang of Con hogs this country has ever seen. Their depraved leader would be our Big Brother. They are actually trying to brainwash us with OUR money. We will not be safe until we defeat them. And we will not be clean, until we get rid of HIM…

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About the Writer

Corey G. is a Grade Eleven student from the Niagara Region of Ontario.

A political junkie, with a sharp eye, he prepared this essay as part of an assignment for school.

With an obvious flair for truth and right, perhaps Corey should consider politics as a full time career!


Special Thanks to Montreal Simon for the image above


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