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So while folks are still squabbling in the sandbox over irrelevant issues like race and creed, the toys are coming.

The choices will still need to be made.

Industrial thinking coupled with feudal governance is a non linear digression within the spectrum of evolutionary progression. (No, I am not speaking of evolutionism in the literal purist perspective, but of the observable progression of systemology.)

Decisions are to be made of ethical consequence and historically speaking we tend to jump to the next “big thing” without much consequence of foresight as to where we will land when we jump. Something akin to the best laid plans of mice and men…?

Toys created for “good” or “beneficial” use can also be misused for untoward gain.

I would like to challenge people to enter the age we are now existing within; the technological age. I would like to challenge folks to expand their minds and contract introspectively to consider chasing some rabbits.

Not if…but when technology elevates the playing field from the chessboard to the virtual playing field how are the rules of the game going to change? What works in one framework does not necessarily translate to the next House of Cards so to speak.

Thoughts?????  Yes folks, Transhumanism … time to start the discussion.

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