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Home Solar Panels Fiasco or How can Canada go Green when the Green Energy Companies Treat Customers so Poorly?

Can the Canadian Government ensure Canadians trying to promote green energy are better protected from fly-by-night solar panel companies!

About 2 years ago we were pursued by a firm called Pure Energy to put solar panels on our roof.

The deal was basic: they were leasing our roof and would pay us rent to offset our hydro bill. They insured the panels. Basically, it would negate a lot of our energy costs. Seemed reasonable.

We even saw a Youtube with Rick Mercer and Mike Holmes installing them with Pure Energy.

So it all looked copacetic and we went ahead.

We signed a contract, they sent a crew to measure our roof, and then they disappeared!

There is no service at their phone number but their web site is still active.

A Google search shows they were bought out by NRG of New Jersey.

So I called New Jersey and asked what was up because we have another company called Grasshopper, with the same basic deal. BUT, if our contract with Pure Energy is still valid, then how can we sign new lease contract if the old one is still, (unlikely), valid? (Like after disappearing for two years Pure Energy would still have a claim on our roof! But we’ve seen crazier claims, like suing because your coffee was too hot.)

The NRG guy put me on hold. And I held. And listened to classical music. Then suddenly their answering service came on and asked to take a number. God please once more in my life let me talk to a company with a receptionist who knows what is happening!

How is Canada is going to go green if this is what consumers go through?

Has anyone experienced this?
Do you know Pure Energy?
Do you know Grasshopper?


Please share your comments below!




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