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Look at all the happy faces above!


by Mike Rilstone


Recently, I saw someone call the long term cycle of depression caused by Canada’s horrific Residential Schools as “the downward trickle of damage”. I was writing this essay and told her I was stealing her words, because I think it is the perfect title.

Once finished, I’m sure most of you will completely agree, as it is the central theme built on the legacy of the sad faces seen in this essay’s photo and the resultant pandemic of depression it has wrought on Canada’s First Nations.

Before voting on October 19th, 2015, pause to ask yourself if Harper is worthy of another term as Prime Minister based on his racism?

Is this REALLY the Prime Minister of Canada YOU want?

Just how many minority groups will Harper continue to bully and abuse in his effort to divide & conquer; the fascist way of maintaining enough voter support to hold office?

Indeed, is Canada a racist nation? If not, then why is this racist repeatedly returned to 24 Sussex, three fraudulent elections aside?

His current, vile, anti-Muslim attacks, (along with terrorism-filled, fear-mongering speeches to build hate and fear among Canadians as a vote-getting election ploy in 2015), caps off his decade of continually streaming bigotry.

Considering his venal attacks on political opponents and minorities, should we be surprised that Harper ignores the  1 in 8 Canadians who don’t know where they will get their next meal, and prioritize wielding the racist stick to gain popularity with enough voters?

Morally, isn’t Harper’s racist record against every Native Canadian sufficient to charge him as a hate criminal, forever banned from  holding public office again? After all, it was Harper the hypocrite that initiated bullying legislation.

A perfect analogy of the “The Downward Trickle of Damage” is the generational abuse of women by men. Boys who witness their fathers beating their mothers, commonly go on to beat their own wives. This can carry on for generations.

The same “Downward Trickle of Damage” dynamic is seen in the generational depression plaguing Canada’s Native People due to the colonial-run Residential School genocide, sexual abuse, cruelty and negligence. This sadness and depression is innate and unchecked in too many Aboriginals in our country.

A perfect example of the colonial arrogance was the message sent to Native parents. When their children were returned for just three weeks at Christmas they were told, in writing, “It will be your privilege this year to have your children spend Christmas at home with you.”

What a profound and inglorious effect Residential Schools has had on so many lives. Instead of reversing this mental strife, Harper has chosen to compound it with insidious acts of racism.

Remember when Harper delivered the official Colonial apology for Residential Schools, transforming it into his personal photo op in the House of Commons?

How sincere was Harper’s apology in the full knowledge that these schools of horrid deaths, sexual abuse, cruelty and negligence of generations of Native Youth continues to trickle down?

After such an apology, could anyone but a selfish, self-serving, psychopathic, egomaniac, dictatorial and controlling Prime Minister go on to commit heinous acts of moral barbarism against Canada’s Founding People?

Disagree? Look at his post-apology record!

Harper has told Canada’s Aboriginal Women that 1200+ murders of their peers wasn’t “on his radar”? How bigoted is that? Is this the Prime Minister of Canada YOU want?

Under Harper’s watch, Canadian government scientists and cancer specialist, Dr. O’Connor, have been fired in Alberta.

They dared to label the insidious rate of First Nation’s cancer deaths in Alberta as a genocide, in the knowledge that the Harper’s beloved Tar Sands tailing ponds are leaching a poisonous cocktail of carcinogenic chemicals into the Athabasca watershed. How bigoted is that? Is this the Prime Minister of Canada YOU want?

Look no further than Pandagate for more Harper racism against Canada’s First Nations People

“The Journey of Nishiyuu” was 17-year-old David Kawapit’s personal vision of asking Harper to help intervene with the pandemic of Native teen suicide, substance abuse, poverty, high food costs in outlying communities making healthy diets impossible, lack of fresh water & toilet facilities.

All of Canada watched seven teenagers and a guide hike, in the middle of a severe Canadian winter from their remote community of Whapmagoostui in Northern Quebec to Parliament Hill. 

The Prime Minister knew these kids were coming for months. On the morning they arrived on the Hill, Harper was conveniently hundreds of miles away in Toronto doing another photo op, greeting two pandas from China that are costing Canadian Taxpayers millions in bamboo; or, “Stuff the pandas, starve the Natives”.

Imagine flying fresh bamboo weekly from China for two Pandas and not providing ample food for Canada’s starving People. How bigoted is that? Is this the Prime Minister of Canada YOU want?

There is probably no one reading this who does not know the sad case of Chief Theresa Spence, her town of Attawapiskat, and their State of Emergency ignored for months by Harper.

The Harper Government was so negligent in reacting to the Third World conditions in her town that she started a hunger strike minutes from Harper’s home, begging him to come to see her and find a resolve.

Instead, while she starved, Harper rose in the House of Commons and belittled her, choosing to play a blame game instead of prioritizing the sickening condition of Canadians on his watch.

Conversely, when the Middle Class in his riding had their basements flooded when Calgary’s Bow River turned his riding into a lake, he personally took charge, rushing to the scene, promising pecuniary aid to keep their votes.

All of these examples of First Nations abuse demonstrates how Harper has played with the depression borne by so many Aboriginals as a result of this “Downward Trickle of Damage”.

Harper’s Minority abuses has been so sick, surely experts in the field of psychiatry would deem him as a psychopath to the extreme.

A normal, caring, empathetic human being in a position of authority and responsibility does not whip a minority when they are down. Is Harper really the Prime Minister of Canada YOU want?

On October 19th, 2015 if for no other reason than wanting to atone for the colonialism Harper continues to wield with the power held by the Office of the Prime Minister, vote ANYTHING but Conservative.



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