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Immorality of Compulsive Bone-Headedness or Dysrationalia Exotica.


The onus rests with the right thinking good men and good women to get past their  compulsive bone-headedness or dysrationalia exotica in the context of living sustainability. Therefore not argue with the suffusion to view the need to pay to one’s best capacity to facilitate the transformation of economy from OIL driven to WASP (renewable energy) driven, and therefore they donate and dump cash profusely without expectation of returns to help WASP take hold and succeed and with the sole motive of defeating, uprooting and devastating the business of OIL to put it out of business. Actions based on ordinary business prudence and profit seeking would inevitably fail in bringing the requisite gigantic transformation of substituting the OIL driven economy with WASP economy. 

The thrust of this discussion and the concept is that when it comes to the issue of preservation of the planet for future generations or conservation of our ecological resources, stupidity is a sin and a crime. There is an obligation on those taking the leadership role in the sustainability context to get past their dysrationalic views and behave in an exceptionally moralistic and intellectually superior fashion or they would persist in meeting with failures as has been the history of the environmental movement. Then they need to invite the masses to trust their wisdom and almost in a faith like fashion follows their instructions otherwise the battle of sustainability is bound to be lost.

A key hurdle that stands in the way of even the well intended people is that they fail to allocate enough time to educate themselves about the issues of vital importance. That has been the most troubling angle to the dissemination of message of global sustainability for all those who have been attempting it. In simplistic ways it was attempted to be summarized as a dysrationalia exotica or bone-headedness in extraordinary situations or in bit more cruder ways as Atimea Stupidosis Sustainabilis (ASS). In many ways and in context of insuring the sustainability of the highly intricately operating and despite seemingly doing the right things we end up behaving like Spoiled Brats of the West. It is not easy to recognize and admit that some 99% of humans are highly susceptible behaving in a dysrationlic fashion which can be called stupid by those who are not susceptible to dysrationalia which is extremely prevalent. 

Turns out 99% or possibly more brains have serious design defects. Anyone interested in testing oneself for that type of stupidity can take an online test posted by Kurt Kleiner in the University of Toronto Magazine, 2009 (Summer) under the title : Why Smart People Do Stupid Things – “dysrationalia”. Chances are unless you are of the Einstein variety who stay with the time for very long time and are free from the entire dozen of the statistical biases you would be found fairly stupid if applying for the position of a sustainability manager of the planet. In that tendency of those possessed with superior than even above average intelligence of doctors, lawyers etc., is his expressed view as “It’s not that I am so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems long enough to solve them.” Readers might be interested to learn that I have been constantly pondering over the solving the unsustainability dilemma of the planet for over a decade now, which does permit me to hold myself out as an expert on this issue. Given the burden of chores upon each one of us we are simply not in a position to allocate enough time to each decision making process so we resort to heuristics

Einsteinic intellectual perseveration to solve complex issues like the sustainability of planet is the anti-thesis of heuristics that we are obliged to resort to on a day to day basis which renderers average human behaviour fairly foolish or dysrationalic and therefore unsustainable. Average Human Brain suffers from over a dozen major cognitive processing flaws or dyscognitive biases as noted in an article by George Dvorsky in AlertNet dated January 14, 2013 under the title. “Your Brain Is Flawed – 12 Scientific Reasons Human Beings Are Wildly Irrational” . There are several parts of that work that could use detailed explanations to make up for that a separate post would be made under the title Dozen key human cognitive processing flaws.

The denials of the key five truths that must be conceded is the most remarkable aspect of this boneheadedness which is preventing the launching of the SATYAGRAHA movement that can save us. The fact of boneheaded is assuming that if I protect my self-interest I will do well even if world collapses.




Immorality of Compulsive Bone-Headedness or Dysrationalia Exotica


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