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Truth That Can Save the World
Part -1: Knowledge that can save humanity from Climate Catastrophes


The writings/thoughts of John Paily, we’re first shared weeks ago on The Canadian. Very progressive thinking, combined with Spirit has resulted in thousands of views world wide. A must read and share …

– The Canadian

Every Father and Mother Loves their Children, like wise Earth and her Master Loves all their Creations. The Universe is Designed to Love and sustain its Creations for Ever, beyond Time. All the misery we witness has its origin in our ignorance.

In our mad struggle for “self” advancement and material gains, we have plundered Earth and stressed her to a critical limit, bringing upon ourselves huge destruction. It has come to a point that we cannot close our eyes and pretend. We are heading for mass destruction by the enraged forces of Mother Earth. More threatening than this is humanity turning against humanity in the Name of God with all the weapons of mass destruction in hand. Thus twin ignorance; ignorance of Mother Earth, her functioning and her relationship with us and our Ignorance of God the Spirit, His functioning and our Oneness with Him is destroying us.

Some Good News … since 1980’s many people are awakening to this reality. With internet and the subsequent information flow, more are awakening in seeking a Paradigm Shift. “The Information Era” has created a volume of information that exists in Chaos and people live in confusion. But a simple foundation for this Paradigm Shift that enlightens the world in simplicity is wanting. Here I share with you all, this foundation revealed to me by Grace in simplicity. It came to me when I broke free from “Plato’s Chair” to live as free man in Nature, observing and communicating without intent. The fullness of it came when I accepted death of my mind unconditionally to the SPIRIT that creates and governs the whole.

Truth of Nature and her Functioning: A Critical knowledge to survive on Earth

1] We all know our universe is ENERGY AND MATTER. HEAT IS ENERGY. The amount of energy in a system is measured in Joules. Heat Creates disorder, beyond some point it can break down the system.
2] Temperature is the measure of the average molecular motions in a system and simply has units of degrees.
3] They are related, because when energy/heat is supplied to a system the molecular motion increases.
4] A primary difference is that energy can be transported without the temperature of a substance changing.
5] The very idea of transportation of heat or energy necessities existence of parallel and multiple worlds

Now look at Earth. It has “Parallel and Multiple world Design”  When one part opens its face to Sun [light/heat] and goes into disorder, simultaneously another part of Earth opens its face to darkness and it goes in to new order. When heat peaks in one part it gives way for the opposite. Simultaneously the opposite happens in the other part.


Very Important Points

1] We see here a mechanism for heat or energy transport so that temperature remains constant.
2] The system here is instantaneously communicated. This mean the system has “PERCEIVER” or “CONTROLLER” that brings the change of phase
3] This change is then communicated in time through the system such that the temperature is sustained. This happens in 12 hour cycle. There is bigger cycle with a bigger peak and fall that forms into climatic Cycle.  Similarly there are bigger cycle of 12 years and so on forming Universal Time Cycle.
4] This invariably means Earth has many layers of grid point through which the change occurs smoothly.

Now let us observe how we are influencing the heat and therefore the Energy of the environment. This reveals a startling fact. With industrial Era we have been exponentially increasing the heat of the environment. Every technology we use is said to be only 30% efficient, rest is added as heat. Our car, mobile, computer and all gives out radiation and add immense heat into the environment. With Globalization we have intruded into the night cycle and thus reduced the time period in which she cools the environment.

This leads to two important facts that all climatologist, Climate Activists and Organization of the World should stand up to take note …

1] By adding immense heat we are upsetting Earth’s functioning to sustain certain balance of Energy to matter ratio. This invariably means the environment is getting highly energized and the change is getting accelerated. The grid points of Earth are dissolving to maintain the temperature.  This means one may not observe a rise in temperature. But we will witness increased destruction by violent Energy peak and falls. When one part is getting destroyed by Fire/wind [Unwinding Force of Sun and Human activity] another part simultaneously experiences flash floods/snows [winding force of Earth]. This sudden flash flood causes stress on air in Earth, leading to huge mud slides, sinkholes. It makes Earth Fragile. The winding of Earth also causes increased Earthquakes and Volcanic eruptions. This eventually can lead to virtually splitting Earth. Volcanic eruptions are known to cool Earth’s environment inducing ice-age. We have proofs of many civilizations buried beneath sea and Earth. We are seeing the signs of the world inching towards such destruction.

2] The second more important point that the world has failed to take note is the O2 to CO2 ratio. We have been cutting forest recklessly and loosing greenery through increasing forest fire. Green plants we know absorb light/heat and use carbon dioxide to create biological mass and releases O2 that maintains the vital ratio of CO2 to O2 balance. Many Human activities is leading to accelerated loss of O2. When this is pushed to critical limits, animals and humans will end up in mass death. We also see sign of it.  VERY IMPORTANTLY The world needs to attend to this ratio O2 to CO2 being upset


Answers and Solution to this catastrophic end can be simple.

1] The world has to awaken to manage Energy of Earth’s environment. This could involve stopping the release of heat and CO2 into the environment and turning Earth green.
2] It calls to lessen our intervention into the night cycle.

The sustenance of the system calls for changes in our thinking about Nature and technologies we use. We need to evolve from the substandard technologies to high level technologies that life uses to sustain itself. Once we know the fundamentals, it is a matter of time for the minds in temples of science around the world to quickly develop it. We must note that a Human heart pumps blood along 1000000 Km carrying many trillions of cells 20 times per minute. The brain conducts nearly 20 million billion calculations/second, in addition human body carries out various mechanical processes to sustain life. Life does so taking few pieces of bread and water. Many spiritualists have shown that we can live for years without water and food simply deriving energy from environment. Important fact here is that human life releases very little amount of heat into the environment. This speaks of the potentials that are before us, to be invented to support and create space for human growth.

I have resisted speaking on it because technologies in the absence of “Whole Truth” are used for self-advancement and the destruction of others ruthlessly.  We humans carry a pathologically criminal mindset that needs to be cured with TRUTH.


The Whole Truth and Human Liberation

It is common sense that any system that is unilaterally heated breaks down. Before Mother System breaks down, all the sub systems are bound to show signs of break down. Thus we have ecological breakdowns, instability of life and death of species. The instability of human mind manifesting into violence, war terrorism and self destruction also could be attributed to it. We are digging our grave. Many religions are fishing in troubled waters in the name of unseen God. In fact the biggest dangers to the world seem to exist in religions of the world. Religions are deteriorated form of Temples of Knowledge or Spirituality, where all evil minds hide. Our separation in the name of religion and our exploitation can only end when we awaken to God and his Truth.

Einstein said “Religions of the Future will be a Cosmic Religion. It should transcend personal God and avoid dogma and theology”

This cannot be achieved unless science is evolved such that the world understands God and Spirituality as a Science. This will be explored in Part -2

Please Read Part – 2 here …



John Paily

John Paily

was a researcher in applied biotechnology before he left this lucrative career standing with his consciousness. As a farmer living in an interior village he pursued answers to the fundamental questions. Much of his thoughts and ideas are derived by his interaction and communication with Nature free from “Plato’s Chair”. These thought occurred to me more than two decades back. But my attempts to reach out to temples of science to discuss this mater failed. Since it was vital, I have taken common man’s media to spread the message against many odds. It is our life that is in danger. If we do not awaken now we might end in paying a huge price. Please viral to awaken the media, public and the leaders of Nations whom we all vote to the position of kings.

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