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Imagine that you are a donut maker, nothing earth shattering, you just produce really good donuts that your friends always refer to as “those neato donuts”. And let’s say, for argument’s sake, that there is a national donut competition held every year, and the winner of that contest is able to share their donuts with the entire gosh darn country.  Now having tasted that donut, the winning confection that is trumpeted as the “best Canadian Donut of the year”, you hold this teeny belief, deep in your heart, that your donut totally donuts as hard as that winning one.  So you plan, connive, call in favors, assemble a team of pastry Vikings and conceptualize the best damn donut ever conceived.  Through herculean effort you pit your doughy rings against the best indie dough ring slingers in the country, each of whom is poised to eat your lunch, so to speak.  The competitors are at least determined to spank you publically in a series of cutthroat well-publicized donut related challenges held weekly, until there is only one donut left, the Uberdonut!Top30


The Cinecoup challenge is like that, only for independent film, and about ten times more intense, and less “doughy”.  And we think that we might have a donut…err…movie that might just knock your socks off, if we can rise above the excellent local teams in our area.  The challenge will be tough however, as the Tri-cities have become a hotbed of creative effort, with many talented filmmakers to compete with.


The CineCoup Film Accelerator is a disruptive studio model for indie filmmakers to develop market and produce feature films. Filmmaking teams apply to CineCoup with a movie trailer then advance through a gamified selection funnel using CineCoup’s social web platform. Their model has been specifically designed to help filmmakers develop their projects and pitches by building fan support through online marketing while generating new creative content.


All filmmakers who participate stand to gain valuable audience feedback, social media savvy and a professional pitch package bolstered by fan support. The Final 5 projects will be optioned for development and one will be selected for (up to) $1 million (CDN) in production financing and a release in Cineplex theatres.



Postmen PowerTrio … Jason, Adrian and Mike

The Cinecoup challenge is a fantastic opportunity for our team, offering the means to attain our filmmaking dreams.  And we have a team that dreams big, but has the right tools to get the job done. Our Director, Adrian Konstant, has experience with large studio films, combined with his guerilla-filmmaking experience making independent features under his own banner.  Jason Green is an independent film producing Swiss-army-knife, able to leap 1 or 30 obstacles in a single bound.  Mike Wurtz rounds out the team by occasionally making words into sentences, making funny inappropriate noises and fetching mean cups of coffee.


Our project is pretty unique, it combines familiar action-comedy elements and places them in a new setting.  A year after a roadside bomb takes his leg; Luke Walker is ready to join the world of working stiffs in his tiny hometown.  Assuming the role of a junior postal worker, Luke is thrust into a world of danger and discovers that the American Postal Carriers are in fact an ultra-secret branch of civil service that truly quiet anything that goes bump in the night. Under the grizzled tutelage of his veteran training manager, Cliff, he stumbles into a web of intrigue and finds himself seemingly out-matched, out gunned and out-legged as he battles a plot to take over the world. 


You can help our team advance to the Final 15 by reviewing all of our previous mission content, playing along with the Cinecoup system, with rates and shares, as you sit back and enjoy an absolute pile of new Canadian Film content!


The Final Opportunity for Fan Voting takes place May 4th, 9pm – May 8th, 9pm.


So be sure to check start out with the Postmen trailer at:

And see for yourself what the buzz is all about! 


Team Postmen


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