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Like Doudi, we are awaiting the day  when Raif arrives safely in Montreal

Doudi’s papa is Raif Badawi, whose public flogging took place two weeks ago in Saudi Arabia.

Raif’s story has sent waves of dismay around the world because this cruel sentence of 50 lashes every Friday over 20 weeks affronts our common sense of decency. 

Mercifully, the flogging to take place recently in Jeddah was postponed, not because of the death of the King, but because a medical team determined that Raif was not fit to be lashed again.

This news is a small victory for a child who wants to see his father again.

In the eyes of Doudi, and of anyone who values free speech, Raif Badawi is someone to be admired, not locked up and subjected to torture. Raif is being punished for starting a blog where readers could openly discuss religion, politics and human rights in Saudi Arabia. 

Please join the more than 70,000 Canadians who have signed our petition calling for Raif’s freedom.

Until Raif is free – and all charges are dropped – our continued vigilance and action is needed. The draconian laws behind Raif’s sentencing need to be changed, and the repression of peaceful activists in Saudi Arabia must stop.Raif could be flogged again, anytime.

You can do even more to help free Raif, and others like him, who are unjustly imprisoned, abused and even killed, by becoming a monthly donor to Amnesty International today 

Sadly, Raif is just one of many prisoners of conscience around the world who desperately need our help.

Every month Amnesty International takes up the cases of men, women, and even children who have been wrongfully imprisoned, abused, and who face harsh and unjust punishment, just like Raif.

We demand respect for human rights for all.

If you believe in Amnesty International’s mission, I invite you to take this moment and sign up to make a $5, $10 or $20 monthly donation.

Supporting Amnesty with a monthly gift is the most cost-effective way to make a charitable donation, and it helps us to keep the pressure on for Raif and others like him. Freeing a prisoner of conscience can take months, even years, and your ongoing monthly support is the vital life blood that keeps the hope alive.

Our achievements have a huge impact on the lives of individual people. And your support makes us even stronger.

Join us now
Like Doudi, we are waiting for the day when Raif’s flight arrives in Montreal.


All the best,


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