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As I sit on the Maliseet First Nation today watching the sun dance around the clouds on yet another lingering winter day, many thoughts run through my head. I wondered what I would write about… if native elders have enough to eat, are our children being kept warm, will the government force upon my territory the Energy East Pipeline, will they be allowed to mine Sission Brook which lays within our a boundaries as well as Bald Mountain across our river, or what will become of the Mactaquac Dam issue produced by New Brunswick Energy. 

I think about the Maliseet Grand Council and the Peace and Friendship Alliance they formed with allies and organizations across Canada to protect our life resources. My mind wanders to thoughts of all those people who work endlessly to educate and bring forth truth about a system that continues with an undefeated record, when inflicting destruction to land, water and air for the profit of private corporations. I’m reminded of the resources stolen from the people, not just in Wolastqey territory, all over the world. How war has created a disillusion and society believes it as reported. I reflect on how the United States government is responsible for the brutal rise of ISIS in the Middle East.

I stroll back in time not too long ago, where 1/2 of American taxpayers lost their jobs, homes and savings to a corrupt banking system and the governments who backed them, at the cost of the very people they inflicted their actions upon. As the world population was affected by their banking system’s failure. I’m reminded of a story once told about how it is your right, it is your duty, to throw off such tyrannical governments. As I reflect on how many innocent people, worldwide, had been massacred under the slogan “We are here to Free the People.”

As am I drawn back to my kitchen table in thought, my mind heads in yet another direction. To a place where sustainable living is not a new concept. It has been the practice of life since the Sun first rose. Back to a time where medicines were gathered from a plentiful forest. Where water ran clear and the abundance of life within was an uncontaminated food source. When we lived by knowledge of what the land has blessed us with, life. A time where Nature and all its living beings lived in balance.

Reality reaches in and pulls me back as those thoughts still linger within. I know we cannot go back to those times. Because our lands and waters are polluted with spilled oils and chemicals, allowed to happen by government agencies who gave corporations permits and licenses to do so. How animals are mass murdered for progress. How the people who did stand up to protect all were blocked out by a majority who sit idly by and allow it to happen. How the propaganda the media feeds them allows it to continue. 

I soon come to the realization that the people are too burdened with trying to survive, work to pay their mortgages, utility bills, credit card debt, children’s education, insurances, as the list grows on. I can see in my thought how it is not entirely their fault; they have been distracted on purpose. I also know only they can make the change so desperately needed. The problems are self-inflicted and only the people can stop the inflictions they live in.

Governments scramble to add new laws disguised to protect you from terrorism. When if actually are read by the people they would see… those who decide to stand up and speak out are labeled as a domestic terrorist. Can you even imagine living under a government whose agencies no longer have to prove or witness you doing a crime, they only have to suspect you were going too? I remember back in the 1900’s when governments began labeling people as Communist. They produced hearings with taxpayer’s money to defile each other’s character and standing as a citizen. To diminish them as a human being having no rights as a citizen. Sound familiar? 


“Terrorism” is the new “Communist” label used to silence you from speaking the truth.


I now follow another thought of how Indigenous women and girls go missing and the ones we find have been murdered and raped. How those cases are not solved and rarely even investigated. I ponder how many missing and murdered Native men there are and why we don’t yet have those statistics. I wonder how the loss of life to any person, regardless of their skin color, is civilized thinking to any society. I think how Native children are still stolen from their families today, as they were for the 110 years, that the governments and churches ran “Indian Residential Schools.” Then to the 60’s scoop, where they came in again and stole children for profitable adoptions. They created the poverty and then condemned families for not being able to take proper care of their children. They did so through starvation practices. This was produced as an entire world and as its organizations watched.

I often wonder what travels though the minds of others. What is important to them in their life. How change has only come to those who fought for it, against those we wanted to keep it from them.  I once again recall what a Clans Mother of the Wolastoqey people recently told me. “It only takes a spark to ignite a fire” Let us all become Sparks.

Woliwon/Thank You for reading my thoughts as you begin to generate your own.

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