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WATCHDOGZ  is a Sign of the Times


Rarely does the world get a glimpse of the process by which an asylum seeker can traverse international borders to wreck havoc on the lives of others. Sharon Thomas’ debut novel is a fictional account of some of the immigration issues faced by countries trying to protect their borders. Thomas’ literary depictions take the reader behind the scenes to examine the mindset of a terrorist, individuals who must face making choices that may carry grave consequences, and the lives that they affect.

watchdogzSharon Thomas’ mystery/thriller begins with a chilling tale of deception, presumably in the middle east. The following is an excerpt from the prologue to this incredible story:

“In the hallway, he silently opened his toolbox. It was a small, nondescript little case that didn’t hold much. He quickly withdrew the vial, an alcohol swab, and a fresh needle before quietly entering the soundproof room where the stranger was waiting. In seconds, he approached the man now seated in the dental chair and administered the morphine before the boy even knew he was there. When he was quite satisfied that the young fellow was

knocked out cold, he tied him securely in an upright sitting position. He followed this with some test probes on his arms and hands to ensure that there was no response. As an extra precaution, he placed a strip of duct tape over his mouth. He liked to see and hear the person’s responses, but hated moaning sounds. He preferred the screams of fear instead.

This time, he was amazed that his subject hadn’t even made a reactionary outburst when he first inserted the needle. The drug took some of the pleasure away from his task and made it personally less rewarding. His preference was that his subjects were awake and kicking, so to speak. During a procedure such as this one, he couldn’t experience the same degree of exhilaration. He had accepted that he would take whatever enjoyment he could derive from this experience and just follow his instructions, knowing that there would be other opportunities in the future.

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