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Singer/songwriter Daniel Casavant’s instrumental “In Between” from his first album Nine at a Time was selected for an audio/video podcast series celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Morro Bay National Estuary (California) –- a US Federal non-profit organization. Bay Stories:  Videos and Podcasts — (

Produced by Tom Wilmer, a Lowell Thomas Award-winning broadcaster, writer and author. Tom, who is a big fan of Daniel’s music approached the musician about this worthy project after using a cut from the same instrumental on his popular KCBX radio broadcast (National Public Radio, Central California Affiliate) earlier this year.

It has been a banner year for Daniel, having moved almost a year ago from Montreal to Oakville, Ontario to marry his current songwriting partner, Kathryn Kates.  The two have released four singles, sung by Daniel along with his Montreal-based back-up band. “Wishes for Christmas” used social media contacts to produce a YouTube offering in support of this holiday tune. “Walking from the Clouds”, the lyrics won a grand prize from Cadbury’s for Mother’s Day, and “Never Too High, Never Too Low” about fighting depression coincidentally launched the week of Robin Williams untimely death. The fourth song, “Jam in Jamaica” was released in Jamaica itself with a successful media launch that included national television and newspaper coverage.

Adding to this his appearance on TV Jamaica with Kathryn, and the article in Jamaica’s The Observer, Daniel has been interviewed or had his music played on numerous radio shows in Canada, US and beyond since releasing his first CD and his second, Soul Reunion.  He’s been a guest on CHCH TV’s Morning Live–three times, and has had a number of articles penned about him including the cover of Cashbox Canada.

Although, a car accident this past November has sidelined this talented musician from performing live shows for the time being. Daniel is available for interviews to discuss his recent international attention and is able to perform a song or two on radio or television.

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