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“I am a Proud Canadian

“I am a Proud Canadian”, No I am not that guy who appeared in a TV commercial who went on and on why he was a Canadian and promoted a brand of beer.

I am the kind of Canadian who is a political junkie, cares about our country, and as the administrator of a Facebook group, I encourage positive engagement of everyday Canadians.

I am not your average Canadian who was brought up by parents to follow one particular party, and as a matter of fact my own parents taught me well to become educated when deciding who I was going to vote for. My own veteran parents taught me that voting was the one singular action that I could do as a citizen while standing up for democracy. They reminded me that my great grandparents fought in horrific wars to protect Canadian democracy, and to go out and vote was a way of respecting millions of soldiers who gave their lives in the belief of democracy.

I see democracy all around the world, and I know that there are dozens of countries who have mandatory voting, and I also know that Canadians are lazy and do not get out and vote. I know a lot of facts because politics is a hobby of mine and while some people collect hockey cards or watch football, hockey or baseball games (Go BlueJays), I enjoy the political scene and what’s going on.

This election has probably been the most exciting election that I have ever seen on any level of politics in my 56 years of being a Canadian. Chances are many of you are not going to be interested in my letter because you are more interested in sports, or chances are many of you have already made up your mind because you have parents who have brainwashed you into a family trend of voting, or you belong to a union. 

Have a nice day folks, but this letter has been penned to appeal to those sorts of Canadians who want to make an informed decision based upon an overwhelming amount of information being thrown at them.

As of one week before election day 72% of Canadians want change, and the polls are showing 37% of them want Trudeau, 31% want Harper and 24% want Mulcair. For over a year, I have watched Harper and Mulcair attack Trudeau with non-stop ads about being “Not Ready or Nice Hair” I am frankly quite exhausted with so many other ridiculous unimportant topics such as the Niqab.

I am also completely exhausted with the negativity created by ABC groups (who are actually NDP backed groups)  and now Thomas Mulcair’s whining on public airwaves on how Justin Trudeau “won’t work with the NDP to defeat Harper”

Sorry Mr. Mulcair, Justin Trudeau did not say that he would not work with the NDP, he just doesn’t want to work with you. Your own actions as a former Quebec Liberal MLA turned NDP, and then the constant negativity in your campaign has turned off a lot of us off. When you lose your seat in Outremont, you will no longer be the leader of the NDP, and then when the Liberals win a (minority or majority) the Liberals will be working with the NDP and its new leader.

Sorry Mr. Mulcair, but you’re admitted 35 years of being a professional (taxpayer paid) politician are over with.  As an engaged “Proud Canadian”, I am not afraid to say that I volunteered for Jack Layton some 30-years ago when he ran as a city councillor.

As a “Proud Canadian and Ontarian” I am  not afraid to say that I campaigned for Gerrard Kennedy and while I am disappointed with Ms. Wynne, we are not talking about electing a Premier but a Prime Minister.

As a “Proud Canadian” I am not afraid to say that I have been totally amazed with the positive campaign by Justin Trudeau, and the solid platform of the LPC. 

Justin Trudeau has demonstrated to me that he “IS READY” to serve as our Prime Minister, and unlike a lot of other politicians I do not believe that he would blatantly LIE to earn this job. Who am I to tell you who to vote for?

I am a Proud Canadian and as one I merely ask the rest of you to decide for yourselves and get off of the couch and vote.

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