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What a beautiful sharing/caring for us Canadians.


Helping our friends from home and around the world, it is who we are!


John Malloy     

Publisher – The Canadian



Canadian children performed the same song for refugees that was sung to Mohammed when he sought refuge. The traditional song ‘Tala’ al-Badru ‘Alayna’ is one of the oldest in Islam. It was sung by the Ansar (Helpers) to the Prophet Mohammed when he sought refuge in their city of Medina and its message is one of welcome and hope.

Several commenters on social media said the gesture made them cry.



Syrian refugees feel excitement, nerves as they head to Canada on government plane


A group of 163 Syrian refugees who left Beirut recently on a Toronto-bound Canadian Forces Airbus say they are excited to take the “big step” in coming to Canada, but are also nervous about their journey.



Prior to their departure, they were bused to Beirut’s airport and met by staff from the International Organization for Migration who are co-ordinating the movement of refugees bound for Canada. 

Canada’s ambassador to Lebanon, Michelle Cameron, was also at the airport to meet them.WelcomeToCanada

As they waited at Gate 6 of the international departures terminal, most expressed happiness, but also some jitters about what lies ahead. The children clutched small teddy bears carrying little Canadian flags given to them upon arrival. Many of the adults took selfies.

“It’s a big step,” one woman told me.

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Meet the heroes who are helping bring Syrian refugees to Canada

Sponsorship agreements holders are typically faith-based, ethno-cultural or settlement organizations that agree to provide financial and settlement supports for at least a year to the refugees they sponsor.


They toil behind the scenes, rescuing people in far-away lands from manmade and natural disasters.

It’s not glamorous work and their name is equally mundane — sponsorship agreement holders.

But for many Canadians what they do is only now being recognized as the world focuses on the Syrian refugee crisis.

When the federal government announced it would bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by the end of February, officials also said they would count 10,000 privately sponsored refugees against the total number.

In 2015, 98.9 per cent of privately sponsored refugees arrived in Canada through sponsorship agreements holders. Typically, these groups are faith-based, ethno-cultural or settlement organizations with one thing on common. They agree to provide financial and settlement supports for at least a year to the refugees they sponsor.

Across Canada there are 97 such groups and they are the most efficient route for sponsorship.

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